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The National Burn Repository summarizes and compares cases submitted by burn centers internationally and in the United States. The concept behind the NBR is simple: burn centers send to a central repository a standard set of data elements regarding their burn cases. The central repository summarizes the data quality, demographic and injury information, and outcomes to prepare various reports, some of which can show how your experience compares with that of your peer centers.

The ABA annually provides an NBR report of data summarizing some of the clinical characteristics and course of burn treatment for cases submitted to the NBR from specialized burn care facilities through a call for data.  The report includes patients admitted to these facilities over a specific time period and, in 2010, the cases amounted to over 163,000.

These cases constitute a convenience sample of burn patients that received specialized burn care.  They do not represent a random sample of all patients presenting to a hospital for burn treatment or a sample of all patients admitted to burn centers.  It is a large sample of patients from facilities that have a strong commitment to excellent burn care.  The data include many of the most challenging burn cases seen at specialized burn care facilities and reflect, in large part, the best outcomes of burn care possible at the beginning of the second decade of the 21st century.

The idea of a National Data Base for burns can be traced back, at least to the National Burn Information Exchange, spearheaded by Irving Feller at the University of Michigan in the early 1970s. Real clinical data would be the basis for burn quality improvement, regional health care planning, resource allocation, research, and prevention, and, would thus, serve the profession, the public, and policymakers.  The NBR is the descendent of that vision.

The newly designed ABA NBR Web Portal was developed as a convenience to burn center facilities for confidential and secure access to hospital-specific Data Quality and Benchmark Reports, providing a tool for centers to offer feedback, and serving as a resource for all centers to view recent NBR annual reports.

Both the NBR and Burn Registry Committees of the ABA are committed to improving the quality of completeness, and usefulness of the data collected by burn facilities and submitted to the NBR.  Questions, comments, and suggestions can be sent to Maureen Kiley, ABA Director, at kiley@ameriburn.org or 312-642-9260.


The mission of the ABA National Burn Repository (NBR) is to develop, review and assess the quality and content of data input to the NBR by contributing burn facilities and to manage data output by providing annual public reports, hospital specific benchmark reports and data releases to qualified researchers.