National Faculty Criteria

  • Must be a current ABLS Instructor and ABA Member.
  • A Letter of Recommendation is required from the Burn Center Medical Director or an active ABLS National Faculty or ABLS Advisory Committee Chair.
  • Teach ABLS Course at the ABA Annual Meeting or local regional meeting observed by present ABLS National Faculty.

National Faculty may teach both the instructor and ABLS course. Status is valid for 4 years—must then review the ABLS manual and take the assessment.

Instructor Candidate Criteria (2-1-1-1)

  • Must be an ABA Member.
  • Observed by National Faculty Member (2 times)
  • Teach ABLS Lecture (1 time each)
  • Teach Case Study (1 time each)
  • Teach Patient Assessment (1 time each)

Instructor Criteria

  • Must be an ABA Member.
  • Teach 2 ABLS courses within 4 years; the ABA will request your 2 course records.
  • Review the ABLS manual and take the assessment every 4 years.

Contact the ABA Central Office,, with questions.