The American Burn Association ABLS Advisory Committee Members, designated authors of the ABLS course, and other active members of the ABLS Instructor cadre who have met the criteria and been so designated by the ABLS Advisory Committee.

The course director for an instructor course should be a designated National Educator. They must be able to explain, interpret, and put into context the principles of teaching and learning that are embedded in the ATLS program.

The course director for a student course is responsible for being available during the entire course to ensure that the quality of the course and the essential requirements established for the course are maintained. If the course director is not National Faculty, a member of the National Faculty should be identified who can address questions that arise in a consultative fashion.

Instructors are defined as faculty of the ABLS Program and serve as mentors to course participants when teaching in an ABLS Student or Instructor Course.

Instructor candidates are practitioners who successfully complete the ABLS Student course, are recognized as having Instructor Potential, and successfully complete the Instructor course but have not yet completed their teaching requirement.

The course coordinator is the course organizer who, working closely with the director, is primarily responsible for pre-course planning, a smoothly run course, and post-course summation.