National Educators within the Advanced Burn Life Support (ABLS) Program introduce Instructor Candidates to basic educational theory and practice.

For some faculty, this may be the first time they have had the opportunity to be instructors as opposed to students, and providing a sound framework for the transmission of knowledge allows for clearer delivery of the ABLS message.

ABLS National Educators should have a master’s degree and preferably a doctorate degree (PhD, EdD) with concentration or specialization in education, as well as experience in postsecondary teaching. Advanced degrees in areas outside of education will be considered in conjunction with some formal study in education, plus experience. Most importantly, the medical educators should be able to explain, interpret, and put into context the principles of teaching and learning that are embedded into the ABLS Program.

ABLS National Educators must be active members of the burn community, must have meet the requirements to be an ABLS Instructor prior to their application and must be approved by the American Burn Association-ABLS Advisory Committee. An ABLS National Educator appointment remains in effect only as long as the individual remains current as an ABLS Instructor.

A list of current ABLS National Faculty is maintained by the ABA central office and is accessible on the ABA website (

National Educators will be appointed by the ABLS Advisory Committee after review of their applications at the yearly meeting. The selection criteria listed herein are used by American Burn Association (ABA) Advanced Burn Life Support (ABLS) Advisory Committee Chair (or delegate) in identifying nominees for the ABLS Educator training process:

  • Documentation by the ABLS Advisory Committee Chairperson of a need for additional National Educators
  • Documentation from the applicant :
    • Curriculum Vitae, along with a letter explaining how their background, training, and experience conform to the minimum selection criteria
      • Demonstration by the applicant of the types of teaching skills addressed
        in the educational portion of this course (e.g., lecture and group
        discussion skills)
      • Must also demonstrate both direct and indirect teaching styles
    • A letter of support from a burn center director, national faculty, another National Educator or ABLS Advisory Committee member
    • Documented experience in the burn field
    • Active ABLS Instructor status
  • Educator Training Process
    • Observe a National Educator during the entire instructor course
    • Assist the National Educator during the microteaching sessions.
    • Participate in discussion sessions with the National Educator before, during, and after the course.

Upon successful completion of this process, the applicant becomes an Educator Candidate. One (1) observation by a National Educator is required and the critique paperwork submitted to and filed in the ABA central office.

  • Educator Responsibilities
    • Delivery of one (1) regional Instructor Course per year
      • An update course on new educational modalities may be considered for active Faculty if no new candidates have been identified
  • National Faculty are required to maintain current ABLS certification
    • Instructor status is valid from 4 years from the date of issue
    • Every 4 years instructors must complete an on-line recertification examination
    • Every time an ABLS update occurs instructors must complete an on-line update