51 Annual Meeting Logo

A select number of educational sessions from this year’s Annual Meeting in Las Vegas were recorded and have been uploaded to Ameriburn eLearn for attendees to access.

To access the catalog, click here. Use the promo code “ABA51” at checkout to purchase these sessions free of charge.

Please note: The catalog system is not compatible with the browser Internet Explorer.

Step 1: Click the link to the catalog.

Step 2: Click on the session or click “Load More” or search for this specific session if it’s not visible. Click view details, then buy now for the session you want to purchase.

Step 3: Log in as a member (or register as a non-member/guest).

Step 4: In the cart, enter the promo code is “ABA51” to create a total of $0 at checkout. If you didn’t attend the meeting, you can purchase these recordings, if you did attend, refer to the promo code provided for attendees.

Step 5: After completing your purchase, you will be taken back to the Ameriburn eLearn page. You can now click on the purchased session to find the orange launch button to begin listening.