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2016 Burn Prevention Award Nomination Form - Word or PDF

Click on either the Word or PDF link above to download the nomination form for the 2016 Burn Prevention Award. Submissions should be completed by December 31, 2016.

Previous Award Recipients

2015 Angela D. Mickalide, PhD, MCHES
2014 Carlee R. Lehna, PhD, APRN-BC
2013 Karla S. Ahrns-Klas, RN, BSN, CCRP
2012 Judith S. Okulitch, MS
2011 Lisa Marie Jones
2010 Desiree L. Jimenez, EMT-B
2009 Annette F. Matherly, RN
2008 James Floros
2007 Michael D. Peck, MD, ScD, FACS
2006 B. Daniel Dillard
2005 Mark A. Harper Sr., Firefighter
2004 Peter A. Brigham, MSW

B. Daniel Dillard

B. Daniel (“Dan”) Dillard has served 20 years as Executive Director of the Burn Prevention Foundation, Allentown, Pennsylvania. Under his leadership, the foundation has grown to become a national model of burn prevention program development at the regional level.
Despite the fact that the foundation is not based in a major metropolitan area, Dan has raised funds sufficient to create and sustain annually a regional network of educational partnerships that deliver topical and population-based burn prevention programs to over a quarter million people per year. The foundation has taken the lead, representing the burn community’s perspective, in statewide legislative campaigns related to smoke detectors and fire-safe cigarettes.
Dan’s ability to create effective burn prevention coalitions was most recently illustrated in the partnership he crafted between the Public Broadcasting System Television Network, the Philadelphia Eagles, State Farm Insurance and the Lehigh Valley Hospital Burn Center. The result was the development of a video-based children’s burn prevention program that was broadcast directly into over 3600 regional classrooms. The program reached nearly 70% of all targeted kindergarten through fourth grade students within the Foundation’s 20-county service area.

Recognizing that technology has redefined how young people learn, Dan recently secured funding from FEMA to develop a computer-based, interactive learning series entitled “Surviving a Fire.” This state-of-the-art program employs virtual reality technology in a variety of housing and structure settings to teach participants how to get out alive if caught in a fire. The program is scheduled for completion by fall 2006.

Through his participation in American Burn Association and Federation of Burn Foundation events, Dan has become an outspoken advocate for establishing juvenile fire setting intervention teams locally and regionally. He is a charter member of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Fire Commissioner’s Task Force on Juvenile Fire Setting, and has created a regional intervention program that serves as a model for the Pennsylvania State Standards Protocol.

Always strongly committed to working with his peers in the burn support field, Dan has been a key driving force in the Federation of Burn Foundations for most of its 20 year existence. During his service, which has included five terms as President of the Federation, Dan has significantly upgraded the quality of the Federation’s annual programs at ABA conventions, strengthened ties between the Federation and the ABA in general, and encouraged the growth of additional burn foundation organizations in regions served by burn centers lacking similar support organizations.
In 2004, Dan collaborated with Chairman, David Barillo, MD, and the ABA Central Office to develop a Fire Act Grant proposal to the Federal Emergency Management Agency that secured over $320,000 for the American Burn Association. Grant funds will be used to update and digitize the committee’s six existing Burn Awareness Campaigns, create two new campaigns and distribute them to over 33,000 fire organizations and burn centers throughout North America.

While prevention has been and remains the focus of his career, Dan credits the work of burn care professionals as the motivator that drives him. “When I was approached to be interviewed as a candidate for the Executive Directorship of the Burn Prevention Foundation, I was not looking for, nor particularly interested in a career change,” stated Dillard. “I did agree, however, to meet with the Medical Director of the Burn Center at the Lehigh Valley Hospital,” he continued. “What I observed and learned at that meeting not only ultimately changed my career path, it changed my life. Here was a team of exceedingly talented and dedicated health care professionals who did not just give token endorsement to the prevention of burn injury, they were investing in it!” Dillard concluded.

It is for this very reason that Dan considers his organization not just a related service to the burn care profession, but rather a part of the team. Fortunately, Lehigh Valley Hospital Regional Burn Center Medical Director, Daniel Lozano, MD, and Director of Patient Care Services, Jacqueline Fenicle, BSN, share that philosophy. The Burn Prevention Foundation and the Regional Burn Center are partners on numerous community initiatives. Both the community at large and burn survivors are better served as a result.

Dan and wife, Malia, a school teacher, have seven children and four grandchildren and live in Bethlehem, PA. A former executive for the Boy Scouts of America, Dan remains an active volunteer in scouting and in his church.