Advance your career with the American Burn Association Certified Burn Therapist (CBT) specialty certification.

Rehabilitation of the burn survivor is complex and requires a specialized set of knowledge, skills and experience. The mission of the ABA CBT program is to promote and recognize specialization for occupational and physical therapists with expertise in burn rehabilitation. Achieving CBT certification demonstrates to patients, employers, professional peers and the public that a therapist has specialized and advanced knowledge and skill in burn rehabilitation and a devotion to professional development and continued education in this area of practice.

In Fall 2017, CBT certification will be available to occupational and physical therapists who demonstrate expertise in burn rehabilitation through a portfolio application and peer-review process. Minimum criteria must be met prior to eligibility for application. To achieve CBT certification, an applicant must demonstrate advanced critical thinking, analysis and specialty knowledge for defined Specialty Practice Objectives in various domains of burn rehabilitation practice. The applicant will use Evidence Forms to demonstrate his/her breadth, depth and focused knowledge and skill in burn rehabilitation.

Why pursue certification?

  • Offers professional recognition and validation for advanced specialty knowledge, skills, and experience in burn rehabilitation.
  • Establishes a foundation for continuing education, professional development and career advancement opportunities.
  • Provides a focused and meaningful professional development goal based on competency standards.
  • Demonstrates commitment to the practice of burn therapy and to the rehabilitation of burn survivors
  • Provides access to a network of professionals with similar interest and expertise in burn rehabilitation.