All pricing is on an annual basis. Invoicing is done in the fall for the following year.

Individual Products

Price Program Description
$4,500 BCQ Registry, includes Analytics New software for data collection, analytics, and reporting.
$3,500 BCQ Analytics Only Inclusion in NBR report and access to 2019 analytics and reporting features; utilizing another data collection software.
$5,000 Verificationpriced annually Includes online Pre-Review Questionnaire, On-Site visit, and Post Review Site Report.
$4,250 Burn Care Organizational Membership Benefits include two NLC registrations, two Annual Meeting registrations for non-physician attendees, and two complimentary memberships for ABLS Instructors.

Special Package Pricing

Price Program Description
$11,688 All 3 Burn Care Quality Programs BCQ Registry, Verification, and Burn Care Organizational Membership