The first step in the process to become a Verified Burn Center is to complete an application.

Payment can be made online or via check. The cost for a first-time Verification application is $5,000 on an annual basis for three years. Check should be made payable to the: American Burn Association, 311 South Wacker Drive, Suite 4150, Chicago, IL 60606

The application includes the date parameters for your site visit. After selecting site visitors and confirming their availability, the ABA will send an email confirming the date of the visit.

Once the application is received, the ABA will send you the link and login to the online Pre-Review Questionnaire. This document must be submitted one month before the visit takes place. For assistance completing this step read the FAQs and view the tutorial.

Site visit details including site reviewers contact information and a list of what documentation will be needed for a successful visit will be sent to the hospital one month before the visit takes place. In order to prepare for your site visit, please read Site Visit Instructions and the Review Agenda.

On-Site Visit

Review the sample agenda for information on what you will need to know for a successful visit.

Details about the visit can be found in the Review Agenda and Verification Review Program Guidelines. Please note: the burn center is responsible for reserving and paying for reviewers’ hotel as well as on-site transportation. A joint site visit may result in up to two days hotel stay.

The burn center should schedule an informal dinner the night before the visit attended by all attendings caring for patients in the burn center, the Nurse Manager(s) and the administrator most directly responsible for the burn center. Here, the reviewers will be able to go over questions they have with burn center personnel in an informal environment. Upon reviewers’ discretion, chart reviews may occur on Day #1 to allow for more time on Day #2.

The formal visit and review take place the next morning. This will include an introductory meeting, a tour of the burn center, rounds and chart review, followed by an exit interview, usually ending no later than 1:00 pm. Please note: Pending reviewers’ travel arrangements, it may be requested that chart reviews begin on the day before the formal review, prior to the pre-review dinner. Please make arrangements to accommodate this request should it be made.


Site reviewers prepare the site visit report online including their comments and recommendation, then submit the online report to the ABA Central Office. The ABA Central office reviews it, then it is open to the full Verification Review Committee for comments and consideration.

Upon committee approval of the report, the hospital is notified of the decision of the Verification Committee by letter. The online report is open for the hospital to review. The decision to verify is based on ABA Verification Criteria. One Level 1 criterion deficiency (CD) will result in non-verification, anything higher than five or more Level 2 CD’s will also result in non-Verification.Focus Review: In the case that there are issues with the verification which can be resolved by submitting additional documentation, either a remote or on-site focused review will need to be scheduled. Information regarding this will be outlined in the letter. There is an additional cost for a focus review whether on paper or on-site.

Once a center is verified, a plaque is sent to the burn center hospital. The ABA website and map is updated to reflect the verified burn center.