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A comprehensive new online resource on treating burn injuries has been released by the IAFF Foundation.

Developed by the IAFF Foundation and a coalition of national burn organizations, Understanding Burn Care is an all-inclusive source for the facts on initially diagnosing and treating burns. It is uniquely designed for a variety of audiences, including the fire and emergency medical (EMS) services, healthcare providers, burn foundations, prevention groups, other first responders, the public and the media.

With a special focus on fire fighter burn injuries, Understanding Burn Care offers useful information for burn injury aftercare, determining burn severity, locations of burn centers and telemedicine treatment options, as well as resources for anyone who cares for a burn survivor, wants to prevent burn injuries, or wants to improve laws, policies and standards related to burns.

Burn organizations across the nation can also use the information and resources on the Understanding Burn Care website in outreach efforts to better educate people on the best treatment options and for those affected by burn injuries and their families.

This project was funded by a DHS Fire Prevention and Safety Grant to the International Association of Fire Fighters Burn Fund.

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