You ARE the ABA

Volunteers are the fuel that power associations. ABA offers a variety of ways for our members to get involved via committees. With every new volunteer, ABA grows more energized, more diverse, and better equipped to reach our common goals.

We encourage you to deepen your engagement with ABA and your peers.

Volunteer today! For consideration, fill out the Call for Volunteers Form by no later than December 1, 2020. 

Committees and Terms

The committees (listed on the right) are seeking volunteers for the 2021-2022 committee year. Terms may range from 1-3 years and be up for reappointment upon conclusion. Committee appointments will be announced in early 2021 and begin in April 2021. When you are selected for a committee appointment, you will receive information about the committee, term, and terms of agreement before being given the opportunity to accept the appointment.

Benefits of Volunteerism

  • Strengthen your ties with the ABA community. Committee work brings you together with leaders among the membership that you may never have had an opportunity to meet.
  • Share your expertise with other burn care professionals.
  • Become more valuable to your current employer and more marketable to potential employers by gaining new skills, acquiring additional expertise, and enhancing your leadership abilities.

The ABA typically has more volunteer applicants each year than open positions so application is not a guarantee of appointment. If you are not selected for service, we will reach out with a list of other ways to become involved until the next call for volunteers.

Volunteer Requirements and Expectations

ABA committees are working committees. You may be asked to complete special assignments outside of meetings to accomplish committee goals.

As an ABA volunteer, you are responsible in the following ways:

  • Attending scheduled, full committee and subcommittee meetings (if applicable).
  • Completing tasks/projects that you volunteer for.
  • Showing your support by attending your committee’s programs on a regular basis.
  • Assigning copyright to the ABA for any work completed during your committee volunteerism.
  • Disclosing relationships that may impact your volunteerism.