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The American Burn Association is excited to announce the relaunch and reopening of the Burn Therapist Certified (BT-C) specialty certification with a brand-new portal system.

Providing a focused and meaningful professional development goal based on competency standards, the BT-C program is open to all burn occupational and physical therapists.

“The ABA Burn Therapist Certified (BT-C) program recognizes those who have developed these specialized skills and lays the foundation for professional development,” says Jeffrey Carter, MD, FACS. “The program defines a meaningful set of competency standards and a commitment to the rehabilitation of burn survivors and the biology of recovery.”

This specialty certification establishes a foundation for continuing education, professional development, and career advancement opportunities.

“The BT-Certification provides a jumping off point for clinical discussion when training and mentoring,” says BT-C Recipient, Michelle Dwertman, PT, BT-C. “It facilitates a broader view of treatments for the burn survivor and looks at the whole person.”

Learn more about the new updates to the system and insight to the application process with our new webinar, now available here.

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