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Burn Nurses SPEAK UP! Getting Involved in the ABA For NLC Week and Beyond

Thursday, January 6 at 1:00 PM CT

Join us for an important workshop hosted by the Nursing SIG! Attendees will learn about how to get more involved in the ABA, its advocacy efforts, and the programming that it offers for burn nurses:

  • National Leadership Conference (NLC) 2022: What it is and how you can help
  • Volunteering with ABA
  • Participating in SIGs and the Mentoring Program
  • Burn Nurse Certification Update
NLC 2022 Kickoff: Advocating for Burn Research & Prevention

Monday, January 31 at 3:00 PM CT

Learn about the importance of advocating on a national level for funding that supports burn research and prevention efforts.  Hear what the ABA has accomplished and how you can join the community to increase awareness of the importance of burn care and prevention of burn injury.  This session will include specific information on how virtual Hill visits are different from in person visits and tips to make yours successful.

Burns and Grassroots Advocacy Symposium

Friday, January 4 at 12:00 PM CT

The ABA’s Government Affairs Committee will lead an interactive discussion on grassroots advocacy, or citizen-based activism, which provides an indirect means of advocating for mission-oriented organizations like the ABA. In grassroots advocacy, members of the general public communicate with local, state, or federal officials, often in concert with other groups and individuals with aligned interests. Grassroots advocacy can be exceptionally effective and play a significant role at the state level, although people are often hesitant to participate because they worry their issues are not “important” enough. This session will focus on forming and engaging with local coalitions and collaborating with local and state policy making teams.

Advocacy Community

Connect with fellow ABA members, contribute to discussions, and stay up to date with the latest news in advocacy with our new myAmeriburn community.

Join the Community

Highlights include:

  • NLC will be during National Burn Awareness Week to highlight not only advocacy issues but the ABA and its overall role in care, research, and prevention
  • Special guest speakers at the Issues Briefing on Tuesday, February 6
  • Continued support for H.R. 919—Portable Fuel Container Safety Act of 2017, legislation that provides a simple solution to this dangerous situation by requiring manufacturers to install simple flame mitigation devices or flame arrestors in these containers
  • Continued advocacy to demonstrate the need to support Department of Defense funding for research to advance the care of wounded warriors; to date $67 million has been appropriated, including  $21.8 million through the ABA to support 11 research studies at 42 burn centers
  • Training and networking