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The American Burn Association (ABA) released the Burn Prevention Framework via publication in the Journal of Burn Care and Research (JBCR).

This resource sets a standard for burn prevention programming to make quality programming design and education more accessible to all.

In February 2020, burn prevention experts from a variety of professional backgrounds gathered for a national Burn Prevention Summit. The resulting framework for burn prevention program planning includes components of a successful program, a five-step process for program planning, best practices in messaging, and general advice from the summit attendees. This framework is designed for both novice professionals who are new to burn prevention programming development and experienced professionals who would like to strengthen existing programming.

“Those of us who care for patients with burn injuries and witness the devastating impact wish nothing more than to someday work ourselves out of a job,” said ABA Burn Prevention Committee Chair Stephanie Campbell, MS, RN. The purpose of this project was to “gather burn prevention experts from varying backgrounds, pool our collective experiences, and create a framework that would give others a roadmap to further the mission of preventing burn injuries.”

An estimated 486,000 individuals are treated for burns yearly (NAMCS 2011). The National Burn Repository found 73% of these incidents occur in the home. The majority of these incidents are preventable injuries with proper education.

The publication is available through the JBCR website to the public.

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