To begin this process, you should have received an email providing you access to this BT-C portfolio website with an assigned applicant number (i.e. 022011). Be sure to include your unique number on all of the portfolio forms. The applicant number is how the reviewers will identify and distinguish your blinded application.

Portfolio Application

Your Portfolio Application should consist of a total of FOUR Evidence Forms (EF) demonstrating advanced and specialized proficiency in at least three of the Practice Domain Standards.

You must include:
  • ONE Case Presentation must be the ‘Evaluation, Treatment and Discharge Planning’ Practice Domain and Objectives.
  • TWO Case Presentation EFs using two different practice domains, one must use a Primary Practice Domain and Objectives.
  • ONE Supplemental EF (Program Development, Publication, or Research) Note: If you choose a fourth Case Presentation, you must use a different Practice Domain and Objectives.
  • A burn diagram must be submitted for each Case Presentation. Download the diagram, complete it showing the burn distribution and re-upload with your application.

Main Evidence Forms (Please Complete 3 EF’s)

Supplemental Evidence Forms (Please Select Only 1 Supplemental EF’s)

If you have any questions please refer to the Applicant Handbook and if further clarification is needed please email ABA staff at