2 Weeks Prior

Final ABA checkup with Burn Center and Reviewers (confirm that all logistics are in place, Reviewers have flights and hotels booked, etc.).

4 Weeks Prior

ABA reviews and confirms that all materials in the PRQ are submitted. ABA Central Office sends PRQ to reviewers. Reviewers coordinate assignments and begin their review of the PRQ. Reviewers [...]

2 Months Prior

Burn center submits PRQ and Case Summaries to ABA. Burn center responsible for working with reviewers to arrange onsite logistics (transportation, hotel). Instructions are outlined in the [...]

5 Months Prior

ABA emails final confirmation letter including site visit agenda, reviewer contact information, logistics instructions. Burn center continues to work on the PRQ. ABA checkup with burn center on [...]

6 Months Prior

ABA Central Office has received the application and payment for the site visit. ABA finalizes the schedule for the verification visit. Burn center receives site visit dates and reviewer [...]

8 Months Prior

Burn center completes and submits the application and payment to ABA Central Office. Burn center provides dates of unavailability (blackout dates), within three months of verification expiration. [...]