8 Weeks Post Visit

ABA updates the ABA website with a new expiration date. ABA confirms the shipment address and burn center name for the plaque. ABA orders plaque for the burn center to display Verification status.

7 Weeks Post Visit

ABA sends final site report and notification of status to the burn center. Burn centers are encouraged to complete the program evaluation survey.

4 Weeks Post Visit

ABA Verification Committee has two weeks upon report receipt to provide final input and vote on site report. Special circumstances regarding the site report may require additional time for [...]

2 Weeks Post Visit

ABA confirms site report sections are complete and sends site report to Verification Committee for review and comments.

1 Week Post Visit

Verification reviewers submit site report to ABA within seven days of site visit. Burn Center completes “Meetings and Rounds” by entering meeting attendance and rounds summaries on the BCQP module.