Course Coordinators within the Advanced Burn Life Support (ABLS) Program allow for the success of the ABLS mission, since without a course coordinator, there would be no opportunity to educate providers about burn care.

Coordinators are certified ABLS instructors or coordinators for comparable courses (ATLS, ATOM, etc.) who are responsible for organizing local ABLS Courses including securing space, managing registration, and arranging for a medical director, course instructors, and other course requirements. ABLS Instructors who are interested in becoming coordinators should first contact the ABLS Staff at the ABA Central Office. Following approval, the coordinator candidate will arrange with the ABLS Staff to complete these prerequisites:

  • Observe a courses coordinator during an ABLS Provider Course
  • Conduct an ABLS Course in conjunction with a certified coordinator
  • Manage an ABLS Course independently.

First time coordinators will have information and supplies provided by the ABA to run a successful course. Coordinators of other successful course should arrange a conversation with the Central Office to discuss items that are specific to ABLS course.

A list of current ABLS Course Coordinators is maintained by the ABA central office and is accessible on the ABA website (

ABLS Courses Administrated by the ABA Central Office
In this scenario, all the administrative work is orchestrated and done by the ABLS Program directors in the American Burn Association (ABA) Central office.

  • ABA Central Office Responsibilities: assists in the organizing and planning of the course
  • Maintains records of revenues and expenses for each course.
  • Posts Course information on ABA website after receipt of the Proposed Course Information Sheet.
  • Inputs on-line registration information into an Excel spreadsheet.
  • Notifies the Course Coordinator of the individual students registered for each course via Email.
  • Copy of Registration list (sends updates periodically)
  • Mails all materials to the Course Coordinator 2 weeks prior to the course:
  • Student Assessment Sheet populated with registrants
  • Faculty Substitution Sheet
  • Wallet Cards (provided electronically – formatted with registration received to date
  • ABLS Patient Assessment Performance Report
  • Simulation scenarios
  • Written exams
  • Answer sheets
  • Alternative written exam
  • Provides each student who has successfully completed the Provider or Instructor Course with a link to complete an on-line evaluation.
  • Provides each student who attends an ABLS Course with a link to electronically download a certificate of continuing education credits following completion of the on-line evaluation.
  • The ABA Central Office will provide coordinators with a live link to the live evaluation summary. This will update as the students complete the online evaluation.

ABLS Courses Administrated by the Course Coordinator
In this scenario, the Course Coordinator is organizing/ administering the course:

  • Organize and plan the date and location for the course
  • Choose the faculty for the course
    • Course Medical Director
    • Course Instructors
    • Patient models
    • National Educator (for the Instructor Course).
  • Keep accurate records of all facility and faculty expenses.
  • Make arrangements for classrooms, meals, transportation and lodging of instructors coming from a distance, AV equipment and simulation supplies.
  • Ascertain that all instructors have the most current teaching materials.
  • Arrange for National Faculty to observe the Instructor Candidate (if applicable)
  • Submit an ABLS Proposed Provider Course Information Sheet (refer to Appendix E) to the ABA Central Office.
  • Choose a site with the following requirements:
    • ALL Day Use – 1 large room equipped with presentation capability to include:
      • Laptop computer and LCD projector
      • Screen
      • Podium
      • Microphone
      • Enough seats to accommodate the number of students (Ideal setup is classroom style with tables and chairs)
    • AFTERNOON Sessions – Breakout rooms to accommodate the case study groups and patient assessment stations
      • 5 students / instructor
      • Example: 20 students – will require 4 instructors and 4 breakout rooms
  • Invite prospective attendees to the course. Send a blast Email “Save the Date” flyer to your targeted audiences at least two months prior to the course.
  • When the Course has been posted on the ABA website send another announcement email to include an invitation letter on ABA letterhead outlining specific information regarding date, logistics, on-line registration, etc.
  • Include another flyer in the second announcement email that the receiver can use to advertise the course in their departments.
  • Secure patient models or simulation manikins.
  • Prepare course outline to include: instructor lecture assignments, student rotations through the case studies, patient assessment stations and written testing.
  • Notify each faculty member of individual assignments, including lectures, case studies and patient assessment stations.
  • Send an electronic letter to the patient models to include information about schedule times, required attire, role play and expectations.
  • Assemble a folder for each designated simulation station to include the specific simulation scenario, sufficient copies of the Patient Assessment Performance Reports. Provide a pen or pencil.
  • Make a sign in sheet. The Student Assessment Sheet can be used as a template and modified.
  • Assemble folders to include the Course Outline and information about your Burn Center if desired for the students.
  • Keep accurate records of all Course and faculty expenses.
  • Input grades, assessment scores and any commentary into the Student Assessment Sheet electronically or manually.
  • Send an electronic copy of the Course outline and completed Student Assessment Sheet (including grades) to the ABA Central Office within 1 week after conclusion of the Course.
  • Within 1 week of receipt of the student grades, the ABA central office will e-mail the evaluation link to all of the students. When the student completes the online evaluation survey, the central office is notified.
  • They in turn will e-mail the student with a user ID and password which will allow them to access the CME certificate.
  • The ABA Central Office will provide coordinators with a live link to the live evaluation summary. This will update as the students complete the online evaluation.

Coordinators must contact the ABLS Program Manager to access all other coordinator materials listed below. The coordinator will be given access to a secure section of the ABA Website.

  • Course Lecture Slides
  • Course Case Study Slides
  • Course Simulation Scenarios and Moulage Instructions
  • Course Provider Manual
  • Course Wallet Card Template
  • Course Exams
  • Course Evaluation Link