Disclosure Slide

All faculty are required to disclose prior to the start of their talk. If you have not included your disclosure slide please download a copy of the ABA Disclosure PowerPoint Template.

A/V Upload Information

All presenters MUST visit the Speaker Ready Room (Salerno) and upload their presentations to the A/V system at least the day before the presentation is made. The Speaker Ready Room will be staffed with a technician to assist you with any questions and the hours are listed below. This is the single most important action you will take to ensure your presentation is a success.

  • Presentations will be uploaded onto a common drive by the technician in the Speaker-Ready Room and prepared for your session.
  • Please make sure your presentation is in its final form as once it is uploaded, no changes can be made.
  • Presentations will be projected on a 16:9 size screen.
  • Also, please note that you do not need to bring your computer into your session.


ABA will be collecting handouts electronically this year and will be accessible in the mobile app.

Handouts are due by, Monday, March 1. Any handouts submitted after March 1 may not be included in the app. If you have multiple handouts, they will need to be combined into one (1) file for upload.

If you have questions, contact Education Support at (312) 662-6074 or education@ameriburn.org.

Handouts could be:

  • A condensed version of your PowerPoint presentation
  • Direct copy of your presentation
  • List of references
  • Notes
  • File format PDF
  • Please have your speakers label their handouts with
    • Label your file with your session #, presentation title and last name, e.g. (F-777_ABA Rocks_Horton)
  • To upload your handout to the  ABA Speaker Management system

Speaker Ready Room Hours (Salerno)

Monday, April 4
12:00 PM – 5:00 PM

Tuesday, April 5–Thursday, April 7
8:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Friday, April 8
8:00 AM – 2:00 PM

Speaker Ready Room Hours

  • The Speaker Ready Room will be open during the following hours:
Tuesday, April 10 7:00 am — 5:00 pm
Wednesday, April 11 7:00 am — 5:00 pm
Thursday, April 12 7:00 am — 5:00 pm
Friday, April 13 7:00 am — 2:00 pm