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Optimizing Pain Management in Burn Care

Monday, April 4 | 6:00 pm

While the most immediate and acute form of burn pain is nociceptive pain attributed to burn injury and tissue trauma, this is potentially exacerbated by procedural pain related to the treatment of burn wounds. Good pain control is the foundation of efficacious burn care and can be a major challenge. Major advances, in the form of new innovations in therapy and availability of new technologies for wound care, have the potential to change the practice of burn surgery.

Join us for a dinner symposium on Monday, April 4th at 6-7:30 pm sponsored by Trevena, Inc. This symposium will focus on therapeutic advancements that may have the potential to optimize pain control in burn injury and successful integration of new technologies that improve wound healing.


Joshua Carson MD, FACS
David M. Hill, Pharm.D, BCPS, BCCCP, FCCM
Jeffrey E. Carter, MD, FACS

Touch, Handle, Experience StrataGraft® (Allogeneic cultured keratinocytes and dermal fibroblasts in murine collagen – dsat)

Tuesday, April 5 | 7:00 pm

Our expert panelists will present clinical cases, their clinical perspectives and experiences with StrataGraft, and provide a hands-on session for participants. Join us to learn about StrataGraft, FDA-approved treatment for deep partial-thickness thermal burns. Pre-Register Here: 


Angela Gibson, MD, PhD
Tracee Short, MD
Taryn Travis, MD
Christopher Craig, DMSc, MMS, PA-C

Hands-on Interactive Skill Stations

Tuesday, April 5 | 7:00 pm

Tour our practical, interactive skill stations for hands-on experience with NEW RECELL®!

Suprathel – A new standard in burn care. The Science, Indications & Reimbursement.

Wednesday, April 6 | 7:00 pm

With over 50% of the burn centers in the US and hundreds of burn centers in 37 countries around the world using the synthetic SUPRATHEL® membrane and alloplastic skin substitute to treat partial thickness burns, donor sites and other wounds, there is an increasing interest in exchanging knowledge and best practices on how to use the SUPRATHEL® To learn more about the technology from US expert users, please join the 2022 ABA Symposium: SUPRATHEL® – A new standard in burn care. Science, Indications & Reimbursement. Wednesday, April 6th at 7:00PM – 8:30PM EST In a panel discussion moderated by Prof. Steven Wolf, the SUPRATHEL® users Dr. Eberwein, Dr. Short, Dr. King, Dr. Khandelwal and Dr. Barrios will discuss why they use SUPRATHEL® as a standard of care in – Mixed burns – Pediatric burns – Large TBSA burns – Donor sites – In combination with Recell® The panelists will share insights on SUPRATHEL®’s effects on pain, reduced need for grafting, shortened length of stay, reduced healing times, low rate of infections and positive cosmetic and functional outcomes. They will combine their own experiences with results from 8 prospective, randomized, controlled trials and over 70 peer reviewed publications.


Moderator: Prof. Steven Wolf
Introduction and Overview: Dr. Blome-Eberwein
Outpatient Usage – especially during the pandemic: Dr. Short
Pediatric Usage: Dr. King
In Combination with Recell: Dr. Khandelwal
Large TBSA Burns: Dr. Barrios
Coding & Reimbursement of Synthetic Skin Substitutes: Brenda Boschetto
Q&A: Prof. Wolf

Lumenis – Changing Scars, Changing Lives with UltraPulse and Stellar M22

Thursday, April 7 | 5:30 pm

Hear from clinical experts, renowned physicians, and the Lumenis team about how the UltraPulse and Stellar M22 are changing patient lives every day.

Join us for an evening of:

  • Cocktails and Heavy Appetizers
  • Physician Testimonials
  • Before and After Photos
  • Panelist Discussions
  • Clinical Demonstrations


  • Dr. Anjay Khandelwal – Akron’s Children’s Hospital
  • Dr. Steven Kahn – Medical Univeristy of South Carolina
  • Dr. William Hickerson – Regional One Health-Memphis and Memphis Veterans Affairs Medical Center
  • Dr. Jeffrey Carter – LSU NOLA Burn Center
  • Dr. Nicole Kopari – Children’s Hospital New Orleans
  • Dr. Raj Sood – Burn Reconstruction Centers of America