Pioneering Innovative Treatments for Burn Patients with Purion® Processed Placental Allografts

Wednesday, March 18 | 7:00 pm

Sponsored by: MiMedx

This symposium will focus on clinical experience backed by published scientific evidence supporting the use of EpiBurn®, a Purion processed placental allograft, in the treatment of challenging adult and pediatric burn patients.


Paul Glat, MD
Marc Matthews, MD
Michelle Massee

A New Decade of Laser Scar Revision

Wednesday, March 18 | 7:00 pm

Sponsored by: Lumenis

As pioneers in IPL and CO₂ laser technology for scar revision, Lumenis has helped change the lives of thousands afflicted with traumatic burns. Learn about Lumenis’ Hope for Scars legacy of proven results, and what’s to come. Review the newest clinical evidence behind energy based procedures for scar revision, and how early-stage laser intervention and combination therapies may lead to better outcomes.


Thomas Beachkofsky, MD

RECELL® Advanced Techniques

Thursday, March 19 | 6:00 pm

Sponsored by: Avita

RECELL® hands-on educational symposia. Learn advanced clinical skills in an interactive session featuring the RECELL System.