Available Virtual Sessions

Content will be available the week of April 28, 2022 for six months following the meeting. Attendees can view courses and claim CE until site closes on October 7, 2022 5:00 PM CT.

Once the site closes, it cannot be re-opened for attendees to complete evaluations/quizzes to update CE hours on certificates.

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Plenary Sessions

  • Opening Ceremony and Presidential Address
  • MAC FORUM: Silence the Impostor Monster! And Other Novel Ways to Take Charge of Burn Team Wellness
  • Presidential Plenary and Paper Awards
  • Top Five Abstracts

Education Forums

  • Fundamentals of Burn Care
  • Dermatologic Conditions Managed in the Burn Unit
  • Firefighter I Session: Sleep Health and the Effects of Shift Work on First Responders and Healthcare Providers
  • REHABILITATION WORKSHOP: Teleburn Rehabilitation
  • Nursing Care of the Severely Burn Injured Patient – A Review & Simulation of the First 12 Hours
  • When the Skin Meets the Road: A Comprehensive, Multidisciplinary Approach to Managing Friction Burn- and Interactive Case-based Discussions
  • First Do No Harm: Using Evidence-based Interventions to Treat Psychosocial Concerns
  • ABC’s of Burn Reconstruction
  • ETHICS WORKSHOP: Ethical Dilemmas in Complicated Cases
  • Bacterial Infection Management – Pt 1
  • Understanding Coagulopathies as Related to Burn Injury: Research Findings and Clinical Implications
  • Frostbite North and South: A Multidisciplinary Approach to Treatment and Disaster Management
  • Moving Beyond the ABA Acute Burn Pain Guidelines: What Do We Need to Know, and How Do We Learn It?
  • Changing Places
  • Obesity in Burns: Evaluating Outcomes and Treatment Challenges
  • What I Wished I Knew: The Practical Business Aspects of Directing a Burn Unit
  • Operationalizing Cutaneous Functional Units (CFU)
  • Year in Review: Top Journals in Burn Care
  • Best in category posters
  • Burn Prevention: Populations with Unique Needs
  • Bacterial Infection Management – Pt 2
  • Career Development in Burn Therapy – What Certification Can Do for You
  • Primer on Biologic and Biosynthetic Skin Substitutes: Review of Clinical Evidence in Burn Care
  • PRO/CON Debate: Psychosocial Issues
  • Controversies in Modern Burn Care: The ABA Pro/Con Debates
  • Long-term Burn Care: What We Know, Where Are the Gaps and How to Bridge Them?
  • Improving Outcomes in Small Pediatric Burns


  • Correlative I: Clinical Sciences: Critical Care
  • Correlative II: Prevention/Epidemiology/Public Health 1
  • Correlative III: Translational Sciences: Wounds & Scars
  • Correlative IV: Pain & Pruritis
  • Correlative V: Quality Improvement
  • Correlative VI: Translational Sciences: Metabolism & Nutrition 1
  • Correlative VII: Clinical Sciences: Wounds & Scars 1
  • Correlative VIII: Prevention/Epidemiology/Public Health 2
  • Correlative IX: Rehabilitation
  • Correlative X: Aftercare & Reintegration
  • Correlative XI: Surgical Care, Acute Non-reconstructive
  • Correlative XII: Clinical Sciences Wounds & Scars 2
  • Correlative XIII: Translational Sciences: Critical Care and Metabolism
  • Correlative XIV: Nursing/Outpatient
  • Correlative XV: Medical Care Non-Critical
  • Correlative XVI: Psychology and Psychosocial