The American Burn Association recognizes that you are a life-long learner who has chosen to engage in continuing medical education to identify or fill a gap in knowledge or skill; and to attain or enhance a desired competency.

As part of ABA’s duty to you as a learner, you have the right to expect that your continuing medical education experience with ABA includes the following.

Content that:

  • Promotes improvements or quality in healthcare
  • Is current, valid, reliable, accurate and evidence-based
  • Addresses the stated objectives or purpose
  • Is driven and based on independent survey and analysis of learner needs, not commercial interests
  • Has been reviewed for bias and scientific rigor
  • Offers balanced presentations that are free of commercial bias
  • Is vetted through a process that resolves any conflicts of interest of planners and faculty
  • Is evaluated for its effectiveness in meeting the identified educational need
  • A learning environment that:
    • Is based on adult learning principles that support the use of various modalities
    • Supports learners’ abilities to meet their individual needs
    • Respects and attends to any special needs of the learners
    • Respects the diversity of groups of learners
    • Is free of promotional, commercial and/or sales activities
  • Disclosure of:
    • Relevant financial relationships that planners, teachers and authors have with commercial
    • Interests related to the content of the activity
    • Commercial support (funding or in-kind resources) of this activity