In 2021, the ABA National Leadership Conference (NLC) will be a virtual event from February 8-12.

This is the time when ABA members visit their Representatives and Senators in Washington, DC to ask them to support legislation and funding for burn research, prevention, and efforts that impact burn care and patient outcomes.

You can participate this year without having to leave your home state!  Here are the ways you can join the burn community and contribute to improving care.

Attend Virtual Events

Virtual NLC will coincide with National Burn Awareness Week (NBAW), so we will be working to increase awareness among our Representatives as well as the general public.  These virtual events will take place throughout the week.

Senate Meetings

Senators from each state may represent several burn centers and many members who live in that state.  We have be working to coordinate visits with ABA members registered to meet with their state’s Senators during Virtual NLC week.

Make Virtual Appointments with your Congressional Representative

Your Members of Congress are eager to hear from constituents, like you, on the issues that impact people in their districts and states. This helps inform the action they take on important legislation, such as funding measures to support the Military Burn Research Program.  You can reach out to schedule an appointment with your Representative or the one whose district includes your burn center.  Learn how here.

Once you’ve scheduled an appointment, follow these instructions to log your appointment and invite others to join you.

Raise Awareness through Social Media

Make sure your professional colleagues and friends understand the importance of preventing electrical burn injuries and funding for burn research and prevention.  Use these draft social media posts or create your own. Share, like, or retweet ABA posts and posts from your ABA colleagues to get the buzz going during this important week and use the #ABANLC.

Win Prizes

To make this a fun activity throughout the week of Virtual NLC and NBAW we will be giving points for all the activities and giving prizes at the end of the week for those with the most points. Learn how you can earn points and win (although it is burn patients and survivors who win when we advocate for research and prevention)!

National Leadership Conference

Thank You Letter Templates

Senate Staff


House Staff

House Members

Advocacy Community

Connect with fellow ABA members, contribute to discussions, and stay up to date with the latest news in advocacy with our new myAmeriburn community.

Join the Community

Highlights include:

  • NLC will be during National Burn Awareness Week to highlight not only advocacy issues but the ABA and its overall role in care, research, and prevention
  • Special guest speakers at the Issues Briefing on Tuesday, February 6
  • Continued support for H.R. 919—Portable Fuel Container Safety Act of 2017, legislation that provides a simple solution to this dangerous situation by requiring manufacturers to install simple flame mitigation devices or flame arrestors in these containers
  • Continued advocacy to demonstrate the need to support Department of Defense funding for research to advance the care of wounded warriors; to date $67 million has been appropriated, including  $21.8 million through the ABA to support 11 research studies at 42 burn centers
  • Training and networking