In Burn News

The Program Committee would like to introduce a video session at the 2020 meeting in Orlando. The session is entitled Burn Care: “How I Do It”.

We invite ALL members of the burn care team to consider submitting a video demonstration of any aspect of caring for a burn patient…

It could be a surgical technique or a medical intervention.
It could be a dressing or wound care method, or nursing technique.
It could be a splinting or rehabilitation approach.

The possibilities are up to you!

  1. Videos should be high quality, narrated depictions of how you approach an aspect of caring for the burn patient.
  2. Videos should be 7-10 minutes in length.
  3. Videos will be reviewed for quality and content by members of the Program Committee, who will decide if the video is accepted for presentation.
  4. A five minute audience discussion will follow each presentation. As the producer of the video you are expected to be present to show the video and answer questions.
  5. The video must be a new, original, and not previously produced or distributed video by you or your institution.
  6. The video will become part of the American Burn Association video library educational resource, which is in development. You will be identified and credited as the producer of the video.

By: Rob Cartotto MD FRCS(C), 2020 Program Committee Chair and
Ingrid Parry MS PT, 2020 Program Committee Associate Chair