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UMC, University Medical Center, Burn Center—The Numbers:

  • over 27,000 square feet;
  • 20 ICU-capable rooms;
  • able to heat up to 95 degrees;
  • averaging 290sq ft/each with private walk-in baths/shower;
  • comprehensive acute rehabilitation gym over 4,000 sq ft;
  • hydrotherapy room measuring 700 sq ft with general anesthesia capability.

The new center also provides inpatient and outpatient (clinic) facilities, offices, conference rooms, a classroom, multidisciplinary/family room, staff break rooms, and a balcony that opens to Canal St where a patient can get a first-class seat for Mardi Gras parades.

Check out the article from The New Orleans Advocate and learn more about the grand opening of the UMC Burn Center,

By: Jeffrey E. Carter, MD, Burn Center Director

UMC Burn Center Opening 3