These resources are meant to be shared and we hope you will use them and pass them on to help spread the word on the dangers that exist and what can be done to decrease the risk.

These Prevention Campaigns were developed for community education and outreach initiatives. Anyone is welcome to use this content for educational purposes. They have been used in schools, with local community organizations and by health care organizations.

Each program includes general background information, fact sheets, PowerPoint presentations and presenter scripts that can easily be implemented at the local level. An introduction and overview of burn injury, along with guidelines for working with the public and the media, are also included to assist in educational initiatives.

These were developed with the support of a grant from the US Fire Administration, Federal Emergency Management Agency, Department of Homeland Security, with funds appropriated by the US Congress under the Assistance to Firefighters Act (Fire Prevention and Safety Grants).

The Burn Prevention Award is awarded to an ABA member for their contribution in burn prevention. It recognizes prevention leaders in the burn community who have achieved wide-scale reduction of burn injuries and/or made progress toward elimination of burn injuries utilizing community partnerships. This award also intends to showcase the outstanding efforts of burn prevention achievements of maintained superior prevention efforts and advanced practices to improve safety. The winner is selected by the ABA Burn Prevention Committee, will be notified prior to the Annual Meeting and is required to attend to receive the award. The award will be presented at the ABA’s Annual Meeting during the Opening Plenary and Awards Ceremony.

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