Specialty Practice Objectives (SPOs) are the specific objectives that the applicant should address when preparing responses to describe management of the patient case or supplemental activity.

Ten SPOs were developed for each of the Practice Domain Standards in order to define more specific and detailed criteria relative to the domain. The SPOs are detailed in the following grid. The SPOs for the Case Presentations are related to the clinical management of a patient case and address multiple aspects of evaluation, treatment, and follow-up care for each domain.  Separate SPO criteria were developed for the Supplemental EFs and address the various aspects of the development and participation in burn-related programs, research, and publications.

An SPO grid is available to help guide the applicant in the interpretation of the ten SPOs. The objective is listed in the left column of the grid. A guide to what an applicant should consider including in a response to meet the objective is provided in the center column of the grid.  The right column of the grid labeled “Evaluation Criteria” should be carefully referenced and reviewed by every applicant.  This is the exact criteria that the reviewer will be using to evaluate the application.  It is expected that the information addressed in this column will be included by the applicant in their response to each SPO on the Evidence Form for the case or activity being presented.