Burn Care and Prevention Information have been made available as the result of the ongoing burn incident. If you have major injuries, please seek medical attention.

Resources on this page will be updated regularly and available when they are needed most.

When to Seek Care at a Burn Center

If the burn is on your face, ears, eyes, hands, feet, or genital area.

Degree of the Burn
Second Degree—Partial thickness; skin may be red, blistered, swollen. Very painful.

Third Degree—Full thickness; whitish, charred, or translucent, no pin prick sensation in burn area.

Size of the Burn
If the burn covers more skin than the size of the palm of your hand or if the burn goes all the way around your arm or leg, seek medical attention.

Signs of Infection
Redness, swelling, liquid, or a foul odor coming from the burn could mean infection.

No Signs of Healing
In the next few days, if the burn becomes more painful, more red or swollen, or if the visible skin darkens.

Burn Care and Prevention Information