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2017 NBR Report Key Findings (data submitted between 2008 and 2017)

  • 212,820 total records in the NBR
  • Majority of patients are from hospitals with 500 or more beds
  • 2 most common etiologies: Fire/Flame and Scald
  • 74% of burn injuries, of known place of occurrence, were in the home
  • Nearly 95% of cases of injury were accidents
  • Pneumonia the most frequent clinically related complication
  • Over 67% of reported total burn sizes were less than 10% TBSA
  • In all age categories (except greater than 80 years), more injuries were male
  • For survivors, average length of stay was greater than 1 day per % TBSA burned
  • 87% of patients were discharged home; 3% transferred to rehabilitation facilities
  • Charges for patients who died over 3 times greater than those who survived
  • Total charges for surviving patients averaged $269,523; Non-survivors averaged $361,342
  • 66 US Verified Burn Centers in the NBR; 101 Burn Centers submitted data over 10 years