Fellowship Verification Program

Checks should be made payable to the: American Burn Association, 311 South Wacker Drive, Suite 950, Chicago, IL 60606

Price Type Description
$1,000 Application fee
$1,000 Annual fee The annual fee includes site review during the next Burn Center Verification site visit.
$2,500 Fellowship only site visit fee A fellowship-only site visit can be scheduled when review is not possible during Burn Center Verification site visit.
$2,000 Re-application for lapsed verification
Site reviewer hotel and ground transportation (for onsite reviews only) Additional costs Costs are to be paid directly by the fellowship program.

The annual fee for ABA quality programs, including the Verified Burn Fellowship Training Program (VBFTP), covers the calendar year. For example, your 2022 VBFTP fee will cover your fellowship training program for the 2022 calendar year whether your particular program begins in January, June, or August of 2022. The ABA expects that programs will maintain their verification each calendar year once they have initiated their first review.