Begin the process by completing your Verified Burn Fellowship Program application. This must be completed by the Verification Coordinator assigned in the ABA membership system. If you don’t have a Verification Coordinator assigned your burn center’s ABA Account Administrator can make this assignment or you can contact ABA Verification Support at

During the application process, make sure you add any Verification Users who will need access to complete the PRQ. Visit the Help Center for assistance in adding people to your organization’s roster.

Log into the BCQP. From the portal landing page, you will see a link for the Verification module. Use the link to begin the PRQ. If you are new to BCQP, your BCQP Admin can add you as a verification user. If you don’t have a BCQP Admin, please reach out to

Complete your PRQ

  • For programs undergoing an in-person site visit, the PRQ is due 8 weeks in advance of the site visit.
  • For a provisional verification review, ABA will initiate the review process when the PRQ is submitted.

ABA will invoice you your application fee and annual program fee after your application is received. See program fees.

Site Review

The verification process includes a site visit to determine if a burn center is operating a fellowship program that meets all of the required criteria. ABA offers the option to combine a burn center verification visit with a half-day review of the burn fellowship program. In this case, one or both of the burn center site reviewers arrives early and meets with the burn fellowship director, burn director, and fellow(s), and reviews any supplementary materials requested for on-site review. Both reviewers will confer and agree on the final recommendation submitted to the Verification Committee.

Centers that wish to apply but do not have an in-person Burn Center Verification site visit scheduled can request a Provisional Verification review based on their electronic application (a document-only review).


The final verification determination is made by the ABA Verification Committee, based on the recommendation and report received from the site reviewers. Please allow approximately 2 months from your site visit (or following the submission of your PRQ for provisional verification).

Upon committee approval of the site report, the burn center is notified of the decision of the Verification Committee by letter emailed to your burn center director. The committee’s determination is based on ABA Verification Criteria for VBFTP.

ABA will send a plaque to each verified fellowship program. The program may also be listed on the ABA website with the designation ABA-verified (or provisionally verified).