Burn Center Verification Review Program
Updated as of July 1, 2017
Effective January 1, 2018

The ABA Verification criteria listed below are for adult and pediatric burn
centers. The identified verification criteria represents potential deficiencies that ultimately determine verification status.

If a burn center is found to have one Level 1 Criterion Deficiency (CD), this will result in automatic loss of (re)verification, and additional documentation may be requested.

Five or more Level 2 Criterion Deficiencies (CD) is equal to one Level 1 CD.

The Resources for Optimal Care, Chapter 14 of the ACS COT Injured Patient focus on principles required for the operations of burn centers.

Categorywdt_ID#CriterionCriterion Level
A. Burn Center Administration111The burn center hospital is currently accredited by the Joint Commission or equivalent.1
A. Burn Center Administration22The burn center has an identifiable medical and administrative commitment to the care of the patient with burns.1
A. Burn Center Administration33The burn center maintains an organizational chart of personnel within the burn center and the hospital.2
A. Burn Center Administration44The burn center hospital maintains a specialized unit dedicated to acute burn care.1
A. Burn Center Administration55The burn center has designated ICU capable beds.1
A. Burn Center Administration66The burn center maintains an appropriate policy and procedure manual that is reviewed regularly with appropriate documentation by the burn center director and the nurse manager.1
A. Burn Center Administration77Multi-disciplinary patient care conferences are held and documented at least weekly.1
A. Burn Center Administration88Renal dialysis, radiological services, including computed tomography scanning, and clinical laboratory services are available 24 hours per day.2
A. Burn Center Administration99The burn center has timely access to operating rooms available 24 hours a day.1
A. Burn Center Administration1010A dedicated OR team with burn experience is available for the burn operating theatre.2

The burn center must document active participation in at least one of the Advocacy or Research activities.