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Date: July 20 & 21
Interrater Agreement and Reliability of Burn Size Estimations Between Emergency Physicians and Burn Unit


Introducing JBCR’s new, global journal club experience that allows you to participate from your location, whenever you have time! Join your peers and colleagues from around the world for discussion, questions, and sharing of insight right from your computer or mobile device!

How to Participate:

  1. Read the Journal Club article, available through complimentary access from JBCR.
  2. Join your peers and colleagues on Twitter anytime over these two days with your insights about the article. Topics for discussion will be posted by the moderators. We invite YOU to join in with Q&A, sharing, and re-tweeting to make this a truly interactive journal club experience.
  3. Locate the discussion—and be sure to tag your own tweets—at #BurnJC on Twitter.

We hope you’ll join us!