Researchers and organizations can conduct research surveys of burn care professionals though the ABA. The survey process and related costs are outlined below.

ABA surveys take priority. No more than two survey emails are sent in one month. Each purchased survey comes with an initial distribution email and one reminder email. During ABA peak communication times, standard purchased research surveys will not be sent including four weeks prior to and four weeks after the ABA annual meeting and during national holiday weeks. The ABA reserves the right to alter the distribution date for purchased surveys based on communication priorities and reasons beyond our control (for example, office closure due to extreme weather, power outage, or similar circumstances).

Please expand and review the three sections below to ensure you understand the survey process before submitting your research survey request.

The ABA Research Committee is involved in reviewing submitted surveys and providing expert feedback on design and content. For this reason, a non-refundable review fee for all survey requests will be charged. See below for information on fee waivers.

Survey Review FeesSurvey Distribution Fees
ABA Member$100$1,000
Not for Profit Entity$100$2,500
For Profit Entity$100$5,000
Government Agencies$100$2,500

Once your survey has been reviewed and revised as needed for distribution, the ABA will collect the associated Distribution Fee based on categories above and schedule the dates for distribution by email.

Upon receipt of the survey and review fee payment, the survey will be evaluated to ensure it meets the following criteria:

  • Relevant to burn advocacy, education, quality care, research, or ABA membership activity.
  • Potential for abstract/manuscript production for ABA Annual Meeting presentation and/or JBCR publication submission.
  • Is well-designed to garner useful data.
  • Is consistent with ABA policies, strategic plan, and Code of Conduct.
  • Clearly states the way in which results from the research activity will be used.
  • Does not address an issue previously included in a recent or proposed survey or target the same group excessively.

If the research activity is unsuitable for distribution by ABA, the researcher will be informed in writing by the ABA.

Survey review turnaround time is 7-10 business days upon receipt of survey submission. If the research activity is approved for distribution to ABA members, the researchers will be advised in writing of the following conditions that will apply:

  • ABA will distribute up to two emails, an initial survey request email and one follow-up email, with an electronic link to the research survey. The research activity link must be live at the time of email distribution.
  • The email will contain a statement declaring how the results will be used (e.g., paper for publication, thesis, quality initiative, commercial research, etc.) and the name of the organization or individual providing the funding.
  • ABA does not explicitly support or endorse the content of external research activities.
  • ABA does not explicitly support or endorse the results emanating from the research activity.
  • Approved surveys will contain the following statement: “This survey has been approved for distribution but not endorsed by ABA.”
  • A copy of the report, paper, or thesis arising from the survey will be sent to ABA as soon as practicable.
  • Research surveys will not be distributed without going through this process (with the exception of internally produced surveys from ABA Committees, Special Interest Groups, and staff which will be scheduled by ABA staff).
Breaches of Policy
  • The post will be deleted.
  • Should a research survey that is unauthorized continue to be communicated to members via ABA communication channels, e.g., ABA Special Interest Groups, the individual/ organization will be invoiced the appropriate penalty as determined by ABA.
  • The group to which the request was sent will be advised of its unauthorized nature.

ABA survey response rates vary widely due to a variety of factors. The ABA cannot provide accurate average response rate data due to the nature of external surveys. For documentation purposes, the ABA can provide researchers with the total number of recipients for any given email distribution upon request.