• ABA Central Office has received the application and payment for the site visit.
  • ABA finalizes the schedule for the verification visit.
  • Burn center receives site visit dates and reviewer information.
  • ABA sends written confirmation to reviewers and burn center of site visit dates.

* In the interest of respecting the time of our site reviewers and our verification team, the ABA will be instituting a rescheduling fee for burn center and fellowship site visits (on-site and virtual) of $1000. It requires a significant amount of time, energy, and attention to detail to coordinate site visits. It is of great importance that the burn center or fellowship program provides accurate black-out dates when submitting applications for verification, reverification, or consultations so that we may operate as efficiently as possible. Thank you for understanding.  Rescheduling within three weeks of the scheduled visit may result in additional fees for changes to reviewer airline tickets.