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The American Burn Association (ABA) has just released Burn Nursing: Scope and Standards of Practice, available as an eBook. This product, created by a diverse committee of experienced burn nurses, provides the official scope and standards of practice for burn nursing.

“This new reference reflects a focused effort to establish specific guidelines for the specialty of burn nursing,” said lead editor, Gretchen Carrougher, MN, RN. “It is a must have for all US burn centers and those who proudly call themselves a burn nurse.”

“Establishing a scope and standards for burn nursing was a critical milestone to be recognized as a nursing specialty,” said contributor Sylvia Dao, MS, MPA, RN, NE-BC. “I feel incredibly proud to work on a team of burn nurse leaders on a national level to ultimately improve the nursing care of burn patients and survivors.”

The American Nurses Association recognized burn nursing as a nursing specialty, approved the scope of practice, and acknowledged the standards of practice in August 2020.

To purchase Burn Nursing: Scope and Standards of Practice, visit the ABA Online Store.