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We are excited to share that due to the efforts of a group of tireless volunteers, the American Nurses Association (ANA) announced the formal recognition of burn nursing as a nursing specialty this past week.

“The American Burn Association is honored by ANA’s recognition of burn nursing as a specialty,” said ABA Nursing Professional Certification Committee Chair, Gretchen J. Carrougher, MN, RN. “This recognition is a true milestone for our specialty. It acknowledges the required expertise for the many professional nurses who provide specialty burn care through all phases of injury recovery and rehabilitation.”

This recognition highlights the specialty work burn nursing plays in treating those impacted by burn injury, including prevention and advocating efforts within the community. “This is a testament to the extraordinary skill, commitment, and unending dedication to patient care exemplified and lived as a daily mission by burn nurses,” said ABA Past President, Palmer Q. Bessey, MD, FACS, MS.

“Thank you to all who were involved in bringing the ANA to recognize burn nursing as a specialty nursing practice! All of our dedicated, awesome burn nurses so deserve this recognition,” said ABA member, Patricia Mieszala, RN. “I’ve been working in burn rehabilitation and prevention since 1971, an ABA member since 1973, and on the committee to establish National Burn Awareness Week…and couldn’t be happier to see this day for all of our burn nurses!”

To read the full press release from the ANA, please click here.