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Advocacy Update, December 2020

The Portable Fuel Container Safety Act of 2019 (H.R. 806/S.1640) establishes standards for installing flame arrestors on portable fuel containers to prevent serious burn injuries. The ABA has advocated for passage of this bill at the National Leadership Conferences for the past four years. Originally introduced in 2016 by Congressman Mike Thompson (D-CA), the bill is a direct result of years of advocacy efforts from the ABA and other members of the burn community.

This bill was included in the Fiscal Year 2021 appropriations omnibus bill passed on December 21, 2020.

In addition, the appropriations omnibus approved by Congress included $10 million in continued funding for the Military Burn Research Program (MBRP) for Fiscal Year 2021, marking the second consecutive year of $10 million in funding for peer-reviewed burn research. This funding would not have been possible without sustained advocacy by ABA members, ensuring continued support for the treatment of serious burn injuries among service members.

Passage of the Portable Fuel Container Safety Act and continued funding for the Military Burn Research Program represents an important step forward in preventing serious burn injuries and advancing the treatment of burn wounds. To help express the ABA’s gratitude, please considering sending a thank-you note to your Representatives and Senators.  An example you may use is included here. To find your Senators, please visit and select your state from the “Find Your Senators” drop-down tab. Your Representative, which is who you vote for based on your home address, can be found by entering your zip code into the upper right-hand corner of

Advocacy Update December 2020