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The recent American Burn Association (ABA) Annual Meeting in April 2024 included the induction ceremony for the newest Fellows of the American Burn Association (FABA). This ceremony honored individuals who have made significant contributions to burn care through their leadership, expertise, and service; highlighting their research and contributions to patient care. It also acknowledged the contributions of past inductees, emphasizing the importance of collaboration in advancing the field of burn care.

As the ceremony concluded, attendees were reminded of the ongoing commitment to improving outcomes for burn patients. The newest Fellows will continue to shape the future of burn care, building on the work of those before them and inspiring future professionals in the field.

The American Burn Association is accepting Fellow of the American Burn Association (FABA) applications through June 17, 2024!

Visit the ABA website to learn more about FABA and view a list of Fellows or contact ABA Membership Manager, Kimberly Green, MBA with questions.