The first step to applying for BT-C is completing a Registration Form.

The Registration Form demonstrates that you meet the Minimum Criteria for applying for BT-C:
  • Possess an occupational therapy or physical therapy license in good standing with the state/territory/country licensing agency.
  • Graduated from a World Federation of Occupational Therapists or World Confederation for Physical Therapy recognized educational program.
  • Have worked with the burn injured population for a minimum of 2 years.
  • Have worked 4,000 hours in direct patient care with the burn population in the 5 years prior to application date.
Step One

Submit a nonrefundable, $50 processing fee. You will be prompted to then complete a registration form including an employment verification form.

Step Two

The registration form will be verified by the ABA Central Office. If verified, you will be sent links to the Portfolio Application and Portfolio Payment link.

Step Three

After your registration is processed, you will have 8 weeks to submit the full BT-C Portfolio Application and Portfolio Payment. Be sure to reference our resources.

Registration Process Fee$50
ABA Member Price (for Portfolio)$400
Non-Member Price (for Portfolio)$800