The (Re)Verification Timeline and process is described below.

Verified Burn Centers must apply for and conduct their on-site review prior to their expiration date to maintain their verification status.

Questions? Contact the ABA Verification Support,


1 Year Prior to Burn Center Verification Expiration

  • ABA Central Office sends notification to burn center of expiration date with link to the verification application.
  • Burn Center starts the process of re-verification.

8 Months Prior

  • Burn center completes and submits the application.
  • Burn center provides dates of blackout dates, within three months of verification expiration.
  • ABA begins scheduling process by contacting reviewers. Reviewers have seven days to respond.
  • ABA provides the online Pre-review Questionnaire (PRQ) to Burn Center Verification Coordinator.
  • Burn Center begins working on the online PRQ. Process takes 6-7 months from start to finish for completion (must be completed 2 months before scheduled site visit).

6 Months Prior

  • ABA finalizes the schedule for the verification visit.
  • Burn center receives site visit dates and reviewer information. *
  • ABA sends written confirmation to reviewers and burn center of site visit dates.

5 Months Prior

  • ABA emails final confirmation letter including reviewer contact information and logistics instructions.
  • Burn center continues to work on the PRQ.
  • ABA checkup with burn center on online PRQ progress.

2 Months Prior

  • Burn center submits PRQ and Case Summaries to ABA.
  • Burn center responsible for working with reviewers to arrange onsite logistics (transportation, hotel). Instructions are outlined in the confirmation letter.

4 Weeks Prior

  • ABA reviews and confirms that all materials in the PRQ are submitted.
  • ABA Central Office sends PRQ to reviewers.
  • Reviewers begin to review the PRQ.
  • Reviewers reserve flights.

2 Weeks Prior

  • Final ABA checkup with Burn Center and Reviewers (confirm that all logistics are in place, Reviewers have flights and hotels booked, etc.).

Site Visit Dates (2 Days)

Day 1

Reviewers arrive early afternoon for chart review and fact-finding pre-review dinner.

Day 2

Reviewers conduct onsite introductory breakfast interview session with burn center staff, hospital tour, and clinical rounds. Burn Center site visit concludes with Exit Interview sessions.


1 Week Post Visit

  • Verification reviewers submit site report to ABA within seven days of site visit.
  • Burn Center completes “Meetings and Rounds” by entering meeting attendance and rounds summaries on the BCQP module.

2 Weeks Post Visit

  • ABA confirms site report sections are complete and sends site report to Verification Committee for review and comments.

4 Weeks Post Visit

  • ABA Verification Committee has two weeks upon report receipt to provide final input and vote on site report. Special circumstances regarding the site report may require additional time for committee review.
  • Reviewers Submit Expense Reimbursement Form to ABA for site visit.

5 Weeks Post Visit

  • ABA Verification Chair reviews committee comments and approves final site report.

7 Weeks Post Visit

  • ABA sends final site report and notification of status to the burn center.
  • Burn centers are encouraged to complete the program evaluation survey.

8 Weeks Post Visit

  • ABA updates the ABA website with a new expiration date.
  • ABA confirms the shipment address and burn center name for the plaque.
  • ABA orders plaque for the burn center to display Verification status.

10 Weeks Post Visit

  • Completion of Verification process.
  • ABA Reviewers’ expenses are reimbursed (within 30 days of receipt of expense form).

Updated 1/19/22

* In the interest of respecting the time of our site reviewers and our verification team, the ABA will be instituting a rescheduling fee for burn center and fellowship site visits (on-site and virtual) of $1000. It requires a significant amount of time, energy, and attention to detail to coordinate site visits. It is of great importance that the burn center or fellowship program provides accurate black-out dates when submitting applications for verification, reverification, or consultations so that we may operate as efficiently as possible. Thank you for understanding.  Rescheduling within three weeks of the scheduled visit may result in additional fees for changes to reviewer airline tickets.