The ABA Verification Program strives for an objective, fair, consistent, evidence-based, timely, up-to-date, helpful, and efficient process. The purpose of burn center verification is to maintain burn center quality by promoting patient safety, cost containment, regional education and outreach, injury prevention, innovation and research, and advocacy.

The burn center verification process incorporates principles of quality assurance and continuous improvement. It is transparent, and respects confidentiality.

The ABA Verification Review Committee or VRC is responsible for verifying that a burn center meets the criteria established by the ABA to identify a burn center as Verified. The mission of the VRC is:

To promote delivery of optimal burn care through:

  1. development of guidelines for excellence and
  2. voluntary review of potential and existing burn centers so that burn centers can provide organized and systemic care of the injured patient.

The goal of the committee is to promote improvement of burn care, within the context of an inclusive and integrated system. The VRC strives to continually make the process objective, fair, consistent, evidence-based, timely, up-to-date, helpful, and efficient.

Both verified and non-verified burn centers can be found on the ABA website through the Find a Burn Center Directory.

The first step in the process to become a Verified Burn Center is to complete an application. Learn more about the process.