Do you have a burn injury? Are you helping to treat someone else with a burn injury? Here’s what you need to know.

Got Burned?

It is important if you have a significant burn injury that you seek treatment at a burn center. If you are unsure, review When to Seek Medical Care.

Minor burns can be treated at home with Basic Burn First Aid.

Burn Prevention

Did you know 73% of burns occur in the home? With many families spending time in the home, especially parents working and providing childcare at the same time, it is important to be extra careful to prevent burn injuries.

We have created Burn Prevention Helpful Tips to help keep your family safe as you balance work and play within the home these next few weeks.

Safety in the Home
Safety in the Home for Children
Prevent Scald Burns
Prevent Contact Burns
Prevent Electrical Burns
Prevent Flame Fires


Don’t mix chemicals when cleaning. View our full guide here.

With a full house, it is a perfect time to create your home fire escape plan. Review the NFPA’s suggestions to help you create your own!

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