The ABA Awards program highlights burn care professionals who have shown excellence and dedication in their area of expertise.

The ABA Lifetime Achievement Award is awarded to recognize lifetime outstanding achievement and contribution to the field of burn care.

Award Recipients

2024 David Greenhalgh, MD, FABA
2023 Reg Richard, MS, PT, BT-C
2022 Nicole S. Gibran, MD, FACS
2021 David N. Herndon, MD, FACS
2020 Palmer Q. Bessey, MD, FACS, MS
2019 Jeffrey R. Saffle, MD, FACS
2018 David M. Heimbach, MD, FACS (posthumously)
2016 In Memory of Sidney F. Miller, MD, FACS
2015 Richard L. Gamelli, MD, FACS
2014 Alan R. Dimick, MD, FACS
2010 Basil A. Pruitt Jr., MD, FACS, FCCM
1998 Charles R. Baxter, MD, FACS

The ABA President’s Leadership Award is awarded for truly distinguished and exceptional service to the American Burn Association and to the profession of burn care. It is awarded on a periodic basis to acknowledge such leadership qualities as: vision, dedication, courage, and steadfastness in the service of the ABA, burn care professionals and burn-injured patients. The ABA President’s Leadership Award was instituted in 2005 by Richard L. Gamelli, MD, FACS, past ABA President.

Award Recipients

2024 Kimberly A. Hoarle, MBA, CA
2023 Gretchen J. Carrougher, MN, RN
2022 Richard J. Kagan MD, FACS
2021 Michael D. Peck, MD, ScD, FACS
2019 Nicole S. Gibran, MD, FACS
2018 Larry V. Kaczmarek
2017 Marion Jordan, MD, FACS
2014 David B. Hoyt, MD, FACS
2013 Richard L. Gamelli, MD, FACS
2010 Senator Barbara Boxer (D-CA)
2009 David G. Greenhalgh, MD, FACS
2008 David M. Heimbach, MD, FACS
2007 Alan R. Dimick, MD, FACS
2006 Robert W. Gillespie, MD, FACS
2005 Edwin A. Deitch, MD, FACS

The ABA Special Achievement Award is awarded periodically to members of the burn community acknowledging their stellar contribution to the field of thermal and non-thermal injuries.

Award Recipients

2024 James Bosch, Posthumous
2023 Barbara Kammerer Quayle, MA
2022 Amy Acton, RN, BSN
2021 Alan Dimick, MD, FACS
2020 Gretchen Carrougher, MN, RN
2019 Michael D. Peck, MD, ScD, FACS
2015 David N. Herndon, MD, FACS
2014 Mehmet Haberal, MD, FACS (Hon), FIC (Hon), FASA (Hon)
2011 Zora Janzekovic, MD
2010 Ronald G. Tompkins, MD, ScD, FACS
2008 J. Wesley Alexander, MD, ScD, FACS
2007 Carlos Blanco, MD
2006 Glenn D. Warden, MD, FACS
2000 Robert W. Gillespie, MD, FACS
2000 Patricia W. Gillespie, RN, BSN, MS
1998 Alan Breslau
1989 John W. Stackhouse
1988 James Carlton Tanner Jr., MD

The Harvey Stuart Allen Distinguished Service Award is awarded to an outstanding North American scientist for his/her contribution in the burn field. The first award was presented in 1969 at the suggestion of Dr. Curtis P. Artz. Dr. Allen was born in Livingston, Montana and died at the early age of (48) of a myocardial infarct. Following his surgical training at King’s County Hospital in Brooklyn and in Chicago, he was associated with the Department of Surgery at Northwestern University. He served during World War II in the North African and Mediterranean Theaters of War. After the War, he became involved with the burn unit at Cook County Hospital. He was among the pioneers in developing aggressive coverage of the burn wound, introduced several dressings in burn therapy, and focused his attention on meticulous care of the burn wound. The present day care of burn owes much to the teachings of Harvey Stuart Allen.

Award Recipients

2024 Collen Ryan, MD
2023 Jeffrey C. Schneider, MD
2022 G. Patrick Kealey, MD, FACS
2021 Aubrey Woodroof, PhD
2020 J.A. Jeevendra Martyn, MD, FRCA, FCCM
2019 Ronald G. Tompkins, MD, ScD, FACS
2018 Peter C. Esselman, MD, MPT
2017 Tina L. Palmieri, MD, FACS, FCCM
2016 David G. Greenhalgh, MD, FACS
2015 Steven T. Boyce, PhD
2014 Nicole S. Gibran, MD, FACS
2013 In Memory of Daniel L. Traber, PhD
2012 In Memory of Gary F. Purdue, MD, FACS
2011 Richard B. Fratianne, MF, FACS
2010 Richard L. Gamelli, MD, FACS
2009 Bernadette Nedelec, PhD
2008 Marion H. Jordan, MD, FACS
2007 John L. Hunt, MD, FACS
2006 Charles E. Hartford, MD, FACS
2005 Jeffrey R. Saffle, MD, FACS
2004 Edward E. Tredget, MD, MSc, FRCSC
2003 Paul Silverstein, MD, FACS
2002 In Memory of John F. Hansbrough, MD
2001 Newton C. McCullough III, MD
2000 Richard Edlich, MD, PhD
1999 Loren H. Engrav, MD, FACS
1998 David N. Herndon, MD, FACS
1997 Glenn D. Warden, MD, MBA
1996 Bruce E. Zawacki, MD
1995 David M. Heimbach, MD, FACS
1994 J. Wesley Alexander, MD
1993 John F. Burke, MD, FACS
1992 Martin C. Robson, MD, FACS
1991 Alan R. Dimick, MD, FACS
1990 William F. Monafo Jr., MD, FACS
1989 Hiram Polk Jr., MD
1988 G. Tom Shires, MD
1987 Arthur D. Mason Jr., MD
1986 John M. Davis, MD, FACS
1985 David Robinson, MD
1984 Basil A. Pruitt Jr., MD, FACS
1983 Bruce MacMillan, MD
1982 Emilie Black, MD
1981 Charles R. Baxter, MD, FACS
1980 Anne W. Phillips, MD
1979 Boyd W. Haynes Jr., MD, FACS
1978 William Altemeier, MD
1977 Charles Fox, MD
1976 Stanley Levenson, MD
1975 John A. Moncrief, MD
1974 Curtis P. Artz, MD
1973 Sanford Rosenthal, MD
1972 Sumner Koch, MD
1971 Truman Blocker
1971 Virginia Blocker, MD
1970 Francis Moore, MD
1969 Oliver Cope, MD

The Curtis P. Artz Award Distinguished Service Award is awarded annually to a non-physician member of the American Burn Association for his/her outstanding contributions in the burn field. This first award was presented in 1977, and was originally called the Associate Award. It was later changed to the Curtis P. Artz Distinguished Service Award to memorialize Dr. Curtis P. Artz for his lifelong dedication to the well-being of the burn patient and the support of all others who could contribute to that goal in the clinical, didactic, and research spheres. Dr. Artz was one of the original members of a group of physicians who met annually at the National Burn Seminars, the antecedents of the annual meeting of the ABA. Dr. Artz appreciated the importance of rapidly disseminating the information presented at such meetings to others involved in burn care. Accordingly, he led the movement to found the ABA with a membership that would ensure involvement of all members of the burn team. His commitments to the mulita-disciplinary burn team as a means of accelerating improvement in burn care and optimizing outcomes constituted a major component of his professional career, both nationally and internationally, and benefitted all burn patients.

Award Recipients

2024 Annemarie O’Connor, MSN, APRN, FNP-BC, CBRN
2023 Michael A. Serghiou, OTR, MBA, BT-C
2022 Kathe Conlon, BSN, RN, CEM, MSHS
2021 Shelley Wiechman, PhD, ABPP
2020 Heather Shankowsky, RN, CCRP
2019 Kathleen A. Hollowed, RN, MSN
2018 Ernest J. Grant, PhD, MSN, RN, FAAN
2017 Joan M. Weber, RN, MSN, CIC
2016 Ingrid S. Parry, MS, PT
2015 Janet Cusick Jost, RN, MS
2014 Patricia E. Blakeney, PhD
2013 Amy R. Acton, RN, BSN
2012 Patricia W. Gillespie, RN, BSN, MS
2011 Lynne C. Yurko, BSN, RN, NE-BC
2010 David R. Patterson, PhD
2009 R. Scott Ward, PhD, RPT
2008 Michele M. Gottschlich, PhD
2007 Leslie E. Robson, RN, MS
2006 Mary D. Gordon, RN, MS
2005 Verna J. Cain, RN
2004 Rosemarie Thompson, RN, MS, CNS
2003 In Memory of Marilyn E. Jenkins, RN, MBA
2002 Ian Alan Holder
2001 Reg L. Richard, MS, PT
2000 Barbara Kammerer-Quayle, MA
1999 Cora K. Ogle, PhD
1998 Judith A. Carr, OTR/L
1997 Gretchen J. Carrougher, RN, MN
1996 John P. Heggers, PhD
1995 Bonny H. Wallace, MHSA
1994 Cheryl Leman-Jordan, OTR/L
1993 J. Jeffrey Heinrich, PA, EdD
1992 Elizabeth W. Bayley, RN, PhD
1991 Elizabeth I. Helvig, RN, MS
1990 Marion E. Doctor, LCSW
1989 Carole L. Johnson, PhD, Pt
1988 Elizabeth McLoughlin, ScD
1987 Ellen L. Heck, MA, CEBT
1986 Elizabeth A. Rivers, OTR, RN
1985 Cornelia Kenner, RN, MS
1984 Peter A. Brigham, MSW
1983 Patricia Mieszala, RN
1982 Barbara Galstaun, OT
1981 Elizabeth Sheehy, RN
1980 Florence Jacoby, RN
1979 Elinor Pearson, RN
1978 Claudella Jones, RN
1977 Janet Marvin, RN, MSN

The John A. Moncrief Award is awarded to fire services for outstanding contribution in the area of burn prevention or burn care. The awardee can be an individual or an organization, and was first presented in 1994.

Dr. John A. Moncrief was one of the founders of the ABA and its third President. He focused his clinical and investigative skills in wound management, and with Dr. Bruce Mac Millan, carried out the first clinical studies of massive wound excision. His guidance was instrumental in the development of Sulfamylon burn cream and the demonstration of the clinical effectiveness of topical chemotherapy in preventing burn wound sepsis. Multidisciplinary research and topics ranging from techniques of wound excision and the use of temporary biologic dressings to resuscitation and post-burn hyper-metabolism were explored. Dr. Moncrief was Chief of General Surgery at Fort Sill Army Hospital. He then was assigned to the U.S. Army Surgical Research Unit in 1951, then commanded by Dr. Curtis Artz. His enthusiasm for surgical research and burn care was contagious, and many surgeons, on returning home after completing their military service, developed burn units of their own.

Award Recipients

2024 Tom Flamm, LT/EMT
2023 Patrick Joseph Morrison
2022 Calgary Firefighters Burn Treatment Society
2021 Bakersfield Firefighter’s Burn Foundation
2020 San Jose Fire Fighters Burn Foundation
2019 In Memory Of Marion H. Jordan, MD, FACS
2018 Washington State Council of Fire Fighters Burn Foundation, Matt Ricks, FF
2017 John Hurley, FF
2016 Denver Fire Fighters Burn Foundation
2015 DC Fire Fighters Burn Foundation
2014 Stratford Professional Fire Fighters Burn Foundation
2013 Fire Fighters Burn Institute, Sacramento, CA
2012 Chicago Fire Fighters Union Burn Foundation, Inc.
2011 British Columbia Professional Fire Fighters’ Burn Fund
2010 Fire Fighters Burn Treatment Society, Edmonton Chapter
2009 Jerry Dunn, FF
2008 Peter F. Hanson, FF
2007 Thomas J. McLhinney, FF
2006 Clark County Fire Department
2005 Martin Johnson, FF
2003 Ronald J. Siarnicki, FF
2002 New York City Fire Department
2001 Gerald D. Lister, Capt., Fire Service
2000 National Fallen Fire Fighters Foundation
1999 William McManus, MD
1997 Rudolph Giuliani, New York City Mayor
1996 Clifford F. Haskell
1995 Thomas Herz
1994 New York Fire Fighters Burn Center Foundation

The Barbara Knothe Burn Therapist Achievement Awards commemorates the spirit and commitment of Barbara Knothe, MOT, OTR/L, CHT, who dedicated over 20 years of service to burn rehabilitation. She was an invaluable clinical instructor, mentor, teacher and clinician. This award is dedicated in her memory to active burn therapists that embody the same drive and commitment. This memorial award serves as an active foundation and inspiration for physical and occupational therapists to be both clinical and research-based in their daily practices and to serve as a resource for developing burn therapists to achieve their fullest potential. This award is sponsored by Bio Med Sciences, Inc., and is a generous gift from the estate of Elizabeth K. Paine.

Award Recipients

2024 Rebekah R. Allely, OTR/L
2023 Trudy Boulter, OTR/L, BT-C
2022 Hope Hunter, PT
2021 Cynthia J. Lundy, PT
2020 In Memory of Elizabeth Rivers, MA, OTR, RN
2019 Beth A. Costa, OT
2018 Ingrid S. Parry MS, PT
2017 Kristen L. Ause-Ellias, PT, MPT
2016 Sandra Fletchall, OTR/L, CHT, MPA, FAOTA
2015 Helen D. Christians, MOT/L
2014 Cheryl A. Hanley, OTR/L
2013 Lisa Forbes, MSc, OT Reg (MB)
2012 Sydney Jane Thornton, OTR/L
2011 Kimberly D. Walker, OTR
2010 Judith A. Carr, OTR
2009 Linda C. French, PT
2008 Dana Nakamura, OTR/L, CLT, CLMC
2007 Mary Jo Baryza, MS, PT, PCS
2006 Beth Franzen, OTR
2005 Merilyn L. Moore, PT
2004 Michael A. Serghiou, OTR, MBA
2003 R. Scott Ward, PhD, PT
2002 Reg Richard, MS, PT

The ABA Burn Prevention Award is presented for exceptional burn prevention efforts. Beginning in 2022, the award will be presented to an organization whose burn prevention activities demonstrate local, regional, statewide or national impact. The recipient organization will be recognized as a prevention leader in the burn community who has achieved wide-scale reduction of burn injuries and/or progress toward elimination of burn injuries utilizing community partnerships. Awards were presented to individuals in previous years.

Award Recipients

2024 University of Michigan – Michigan Medicine
2023 Upstate Hospital – Clark Burn Center
2022 The University of Chicago Medical Center
2020 Rebecca Coffey, PhD, MSN, CNP
2019 Marty Ahrens, MSW
2018 Curtis L. Ryun, BSN, RN
2017 Kelsey Viega
2016 Phillip J. Tammaro, FF
2015 Angela D. Mickalide, PhD, MCHES
2014 Carlee R. Lehna, PhD, APRN-BC
2013 Karla S. Ahrns-Klas, RN, BSN, CCRP
2012 Judith S. Okulitch, MS
2011 Lisa Marie Jones
2010 Desiree L. Jimenez, EMT-B
2009 Annette Matherly, RN
2008 James A. Floros
2007 Michael D. Peck, MD, ScD, FACS
2006 B. Daniel Dillard
2005 Mark A. Harper Sr., FF
2004 Peter A. Brigham, MSW
2003 Sue Jane Smith, RN, MS
2002 Amy R. Acton, RN
2001 David J. Barillo, MD, FACS
2000 Anne W. Phillips, MD
1999 Deborah Webster, RN
1998 Ernest Grant, RN, MSN
1997 Debra S. Motz, RN, MS
1996 Janet Cusick, RN, MS
1995 James Ryan
1994 Rosemarie Thompson, RN, MS
1993 Joanne McLaughlin, RN
1992 Paul Silverstein, MD, FACS
1991 Ralph Carbone
1990 Elizabeth McLoughlin, ScD
1989 Patricia Mieszala, RN
1988 Andrew McGuire

ABA Research Paper Awards

Research Paper Award Process
During the abstract submission process authors may indicate their interest in consideration for an award. If the abstract is accepted, a manuscript of the paper must be submitted to JBCR.

The Peter Brigham Burn Epidemiology Prevention Best Paper Award is awarded for original research studies which may address any single burn or fire prevention problem, a specific population, multiple etiologies, or epidemiology. Physicians, non-physicians, and students from all disciplines can apply. The IAFF Charitable Burn Fund sponsors this award.

Award Recipients

2024 Clifford C. Sheckter, MD, MS
2023 Michael Callocchia Edgar, DC, Bkin
2022 Eduardo Ioschpe Gus, MD
2021 Kajal Mehta, MD, MPH
2020 Randy D. Kearns, DHA, MSA, CEM, NRP ret.
2019 Barclay Stewart, MD, MscPH and Yasaman Kazerooni, MD
2018 Sarvesh Logsetty, MD, FACS
2017 Levi Kellogg, BA
2016 Hala A. Bedri, MBBS

The Shriners Hospitals for Children, specializing in burn injuries, have been leaders in burn care, research and education since opening in the mid-1960s. Thanks to the medical care provided at these hospitals, every year thousands of children have a greater chance of surviving from all types of burn injuries. The Shriners Hospitals for Children has underwritten the award.

Award Recipients

2024 Erin E. Ross, BS
2023 Katherine Bergus, MD
2022 Kelli N. Patterson
2021 Jennifer Zuccaro, PhD
2020 Adam Padalko, BSc
2019 Shawn Tejiram, MD, FACS
2018 Aaron P. Lesher, MD, MSCR, FAAP, FACS
2017 Aaron J. Kaat, PhD
2016 Lisa L. Tropez-Arceneaux, Psy.D., MSCP
2015 Craig Porter, PhD
2014 Tobias Everett, MD

The Albert T. McManus Award is awarded for the best paper on the topic of burn microbiology by a basic scientist. The abstract must address burn microbiology with preference given to the use of a microbiology database and/or collaboration with investigators in other countries. The author should be a non-physician either in the basic science career (PhD or candidates) or training for such a career.

Award Recipients

2024 Elizabeth J. Kovacs, PhD
2023 Timothy Scott Horseman, MS
2020 William Nethery, PharmD
2017 Kelly M. Lima, BS
2015 Bonnie C. Carney, BS
2012 Rachel Truman-Ortiz, MS

The Burke/Yannas Bioengineering Best Paper Award is awarded for original research studies in the field of bioengineering. This award recognizes the significant efforts of Dr. John F. Burke and Dr. Ioannis V. Yannas, who were both instrumental in the development of the first artificial skin.

Award Recipients

2020 Dorothy Supp, PhD
2019 Paul Holzer, PhD
2018 Nehemiah T. Liu, MS
2015 Jeffrey E. Thatcher, PhD
2014 Reginald L. Richard, PT, MS
2012 Thu A. Nguyen, MS

The Carl A. Moyer Resident Award is awarded for the best paper submitted by an individual training to be a medical doctor currently in residency or medical school. Dr. Moyer (1908-1970) was a brilliant surgical investigator and a charismatic teacher. He was deeply interested in the burn problem. Perhaps his most important contribution was to stimulate a major interest in burns in a sizeable cohort of young surgeons, several of who later have become leaders in the burn field. He introduced the topical use of silver nitrate to prevent infection in major burns. His laboratory and clinical research emphasized and elucidated the fundamental role of sodium salt solutions in burn/trauma resuscitation and has influenced modern medical-surgical practice. He also pointed out the magnitude and potential physiological significance of transcutaneous evaporative heat loss in the severely burned, work which stimulated many others to explore the causes of post-burn hyper-metabolism and its consequences. The Carl A. Moyer Award is an eminently suitable memorial to this surgeon, scientist, and teacher.

Award Recipients

2024 Justin Lee, MD, MSc
2023 Connor Kenney, MD
2022 Edward J. Kelly IV, MD
2021 Tomer Lagziel, BS
2020 Christopher Ha Pham, MD
2019 Alexandra Lacey, MD
2018 Sarah A. Eidelson, MD
2017 Jason H. Chen, MD
2016 Jenna N. Luker, MD, MPH
2015 Stephania Spano, MScBMC
2014 Kathleen Romanowski, MD
2013 Amy Somerset, BS
2012 Alexander Melinyshyn, BSc
2011 Christopher S. Davis, MD
2010 Dianna Edwards, MD
2009 Jeffrey Carter, MD
2008 Zaid Chaudhry, BS
2007 Itoro E. Elijah, BS
2006 Amin D. Jaskille, MD
2005 Ally Murji, BSc, PT
2004 Julia A. Haber
2003 Timothy D. Light, MD
2002 Curtis Wray, MD
2001 Daniel E. Kim, BA
2001 Timothy M. Phillip, MS
2000 Jeannie Choi, BSc
1999 Shingo Yasuhara, MD
1998 Jeffrey Roth, MD
1997 Max Polo, MD
1996 Svenja Zimmer, MD
1994 Suzanne Schwartz, MD

The Clinical Research Award is awarded to the best clinical research paper submitted by a non-physician.

Award Recipients

2024 Allison N. Boyd, PharmD, BCCCP
2023 Allison N. Boyd, PharmD, BCCCP
2022 Arjun Bhalla, Ph.D.
2021 Katelyn M Garner, Pharm.D.
2020 Bernadette Nedelec, PhD, BSc, OT(C), BT-C
2019 Ingrid S. Parry, MS, PT, BT-C
2018 Kristin N. Grimsrud, DVM, PhD
2017 Sarah Rehou, MSc
2016 BrookeAnne Blay, BS
2015 Anna Olzewski, RN, BSN, CCRN
2014 Shelley A. Wiechman, PhD, ABPP
2013 Teresa Moroseos, BS
2012 Elizabeth A. Mann, RN, PhD
2011 Sam K. Yohannan, PT, MS
2009 Nida Corry, PhD
2008 Alice N. Neely, PhD
2007 Jodi McKibben, PhD
2004 James A. Fauerbach, PhD
2003 John W. Lawrence, PhD
2002 Michele M. Gottschlich, PhD, RD
2001 Shelley Wiechman-Askay, PhD
2000 David R. Patterson, PhD
1999 Steven Boyce, PhD
1998 John Lawrence, PhD
1997 Jason N. Doctor, PhD
1996 Kelly Spann, RN, BSN
1994 Michele M. Gottschlich, PhD, RD

No longer available.

The Lonza Young Investigator Award is targeted to the young investigator and recognizes excellence in burn wound coverage/healing. The award recipient must be under 40 and an ABA member.

Award Recipients

2013 Meenakshi Rani, PhD
2012 Teresa Gonzaga, MD

The Robert B. Lindberg Award is awarded for the best scientific paper submitted by a non-physician. Robert B. Lindberg, PhD (1914-1982) was an internationally recognized microbiologist whose research career spanned more than half a century. Dr. Lindberg’s extensive knowledge of wound microbiology was acquired during World War II and with the U.S. Army Surgical Research Team during the Korean Conflict. During his long tenure at the USAISR, Dr. Lindberg was an integral member of the multi-disciplinary team that investigated the pathogenesis of burn wound infection. He examined and cultured wounds in performing extensive research on the clinical microbiology of burn wounds. He instituted innovative epidemiologic surveillance systems and identified sources of contamination in the patient care environment. His findings were instrumental in defining the significance of Pseudomonas aeruginosa colonization and infection in burn patients. Dr. Lindberg developed the still current “gold standard” animal model for evaluating topical antimicrobial agents. That landmark accomplishment and his laboratory contributions during subsequent clinical trials established Mafenide (Sulfamylon) as the first effective topical burn agent. Dr. Lindberg’s scientific discoveries and his singular contributions as a non-physician member of the burn team are memorialized by the ABA Robert B. Lindberg Award.

Award Recipients

2024 Cameron D’Orio, BS
2023 Eriks Ziedins, BS
2022 Lesle M. Jimenez, MS
2020 Liam Kirkpatrick, BS
2019 Aziz Ghahary, PhD
2018 Belinda I. Gomez, PhD
2017 David M. Burmeister, PhD
2016 Nicolae Ghetu, MD, PhD
2015 Carlee Lehna, PhD, APRN-BC
2014 Alexander Golberg, PhD
2013 Nicholas J. Prindeze, BS
2012 Shanmugasundaram Natesan, PhD
2011 Nema Arnous, MS
2009 Amy L. Dugan, PhD
2008 Kuzhali Muthumalaippan, PhD
2007 Kuzhali Muthumalaippan, PhD
2006 Ravi Shankar, PhD
2005 Michelle Alexander, PhD
2004 John P. Heggers, PhD
2002 David R. Patterson, PhD
2001 Edward C. Robb, MBA
1999 Alice Neely, PhD
1998 Jeroen van Baare, MsC
1997 Linda Edelman, RN, PhD
1996 Howard Doong, MS
1994 Cora Ogle, PhD

The Burn Care Quality Platform (BCQP) Best Paper Award is awarded for original research studies using information from the ABA BCQP. The award was originally developed in 2007 for the National Burn Registry. The name was changed in 2020 to reflect the change in tools being used to capture data. This award category seeks to provide publishing opportunities for young authors and ABA members while employing the useful data contained in the BCQP. Both Physicians and Nonphysicians may apply and 1 award will be given to the best paper overall.

Non-Physician Award Recipients

2017 Christina E. Stiles, BS
2015 Evangelia M. Assimacopoulos, BS
2014 Jason Heard, BS
2013 Sandra Taylor, PhD

Physician Award Recipients

2024 Colton D. Wayne, MD
2023 Edward J. Kelly, IV
2022 Samuel P. Mandell, MD, MPH, FACS
2020 Christopher Ha Pham, MD
2019 Frederick Endorf, MD
2018 Frederick Endorf, MD
2017 Lauren B. Nosanov, MD
2015 Erica L. Hodgman, MD
2013 Andres Villaveces, MD, MPH, PhD
2011 Christopher J. Pannucci, MD, MS
2010 Christopher J. Pannucci, MD, MS
2009 Jeffrey W. Shupp, MD
2008 Tam N. Pham, MD

Other Awards and Scholarships

The ABA Archives Committee offers an award for the ABA History Manuscript. The manuscript is about a historically important event, person, or scientific advance in burn care of the development of the ABA. To be considered for this award, a manuscript must be submitted to the Journal for Burn Care & Research during the annual call for award nominations (typically October-January). The manuscript should include information not just on the subject but also its importance to the ABA and/or burn care, in general.

Award Recipients

2019 Victor C. Joe, MD, FACS
2018 Shawn Tejiram MD, FACS
2017 Sam Miotke, MD, MS
2016 Michael Feldman, MD
2015 Karen J. Kowalske, MD
2014 Camille L.Stewart, MD
2014 Taryn Elise Travis, MD

Award Recipients

2023 Zephanie Tyack, B Occ Thy (Hons.), PhD
2022 Thomas Potokar, MBChB, FRCS (Ed), FRCS (Plast), DA (UK)
2021 Fiona M Wood FRACS AM
2019 Folke B. Sjoberg, MD, PhD
2007 Suk-Joon Oh, MD, PhD
2006 Doris Balogh, MD, PhD
2004 Stephen M. Mills, MBChB, FRACS
2003 Ernst C. Kuijper, MD, Netherlands
2002 Nelson Sarto Piccolo, MD, Brazil
2001 Jean-Michel Rives, MD, France
2000 Jacques Latarjet, MD, France
1999 Tjostolv Lund, MD, Norway
1998 Arieh Edad, MD, Israel
1997 Vincent Dunn, United States
1996 Manohar Keswani, MD, India
1995 Naoki Aikawa, MD, DMSc, Japan
1994 Li Ngao, MD, China
1993 Professor G.A.O. Sowemimo
1992 Jose A. Banuelos, MD, Spain
1991 Harry Berrington Stoner, MD
1990 Peter Zellner, MD, DDS, WestGermany
1989 Stuart Pegg, MD, Australia
1988 Shi Ji-Xiang, MD, China
1987 Takehiro Ohura, MD, Japan
1986 John W.L. Davies, PhD, DSc,Scotland
1985 Mehmat Haberal, MD, Turkey
1984 Serpa Asko-Seljavaara, MD, Finland
1983 Rudy Hermans, MD, Netherlands
1982 Luigi Donati, MD, Italy
1981 Seiichi Ohmori, MD, Japan
1980 Fortunato Benaim, MD, Argentina
1979 A. Murray Clarke, DCH, Australia
1978 Simon Sevitt, MD, England
1977 Edward Lowbury, MD, DMSc,England
1976 Gosta Arturson, MD, Sweden
1975 Bent Sorensen, MD, DMSc,Denmark
1974 Zora Janzekovic, MD, Yugoslavia
1973 Giovanni Dogo, MD, Italy
1972 Alister B. Wallace, DBE, MD, MSC,Scotland
1971 Martin Allgower, MD, Switzerland
1970 Tord Skoog, MD, Sweden
1969 Douglas Jackson, MD, England

The Cheryl Jordan Scholarship is awarded to a non-physician burn team member to be able to visit and learn from an ABA verified burn center. Cheryl Jordan was a well known and loved member of the ABA. As an occupational therapist, she worked at Washington Hospital Burn Center. During Cheryl’s career, she had the opportunity to travel to another burn center and learn from her colleagues, an experience that was clinically enriching. Cheryl was instrumental in the development of a burn rehabilitation program and served on the ABA Board of Trustees. An educational exchange grant was developed to honor her name and memory. This award is supported by a contribution from ABA Past President, Dr. Marion Jordan. The Membership Committee reviews the applications and the award recipients are notified of the award.

Award Recipients

Connie Yeung, PT
Kaleigh Landry, PT
Catherine Gallagher, OT

Brad Johanson, RN, BSN, MBA
Andria Martinez, MOT-RL
Alexis Castro, MS Child Life, Certified Child Life Specialist, Certified Trauma Practitioner

Brittany Ayers, PA-C
Raechell Kearney, OTR/L
Elizabeth Shannon Walters, BSN, RN

Crystal Bennet, RN
Ashley Brandt, PT
Leah Hanson, RN
Lisa Vitale, RN

Amanda Gonzales, RN, BSN
Alexa Hinton, RN
Nichole Mayer, MOT/OTR/L
Elaine Simko, APRN, FNP-BC

Melissa Pressman, PhD
Tiffany Williams, MS, OTR/L

2014 Annette Matherly, RN, CCRN
2012 Tracy Hosford, RN
2011 Esther Rathjen, RN

Burn Prevention Poster Contest Awards are given for best posters that address scalds, any single burn or fire prevention problem, a specific population, or multiple etiologies. Posters will be evaluated according to the following criteria: originality of the idea, creativity, quality of verbal and graphic message, the immediate clarity and positive tone of the message the poster conveys, as well as composition, and other elements of design.

Three monetary awards in the amounts of $500, $300, or $200 will be awarded to the top three posters. All awards are paid to the institutions represented and winners are announced during the ABA Annual Meeting. Past poster award recipients can be found here.

The Traveling Fellowship is awarded to board certified/board eligible surgeons who have completed a burn fellowship. The purpose of this fellowship is to provide a broader perspective to newer burn surgeons and address more in-depth practice, or treatment based on the interest of the fellow and expertise of the site director. The chosen recipients will have clearly articulated achievable goals for the project, demonstratea willingness to learn, and articulate plans to utilize new knowledge to improve quality patient care. 

Award Recipients

Manuel Portalatin
Ian Powelson
Clifford Sheckter
Prabhu Senthil-Kumar
Christina Lee
Lester Laddaran
Shevonne Satahoo
Lauren Nosanov

Francesco M. Egro, MD, MSc, MRCS
Syed F. Saquib, MD

Caesar A. Ricci III, MD
Justin D. Klein, MD, MS

2014 Jeffrey W. Shupp, MD
2007 Victor C. Joe, MD
2006 Melinda D. Banister, MD
2005 Bruce A. Cairns, MD
1998 James C. Jeng, MD, FACS
1986 Richard Kagan, MD, FACS
1984 Jeffrey Saffle, MD, FACS