The ABA General Fund supports ABA initiatives in Education, Prevention, Quality, and Research.

  • Through accreditation, provide applicable CE credits for all burn disciplines.
  • Expand and enhance the ABLS program.
  • Enhance the Annual Meeting to meet the needs of the burn team.
  • Develop and implement an education strategy that provides continuous content across multiple platforms.
  • Generate new content to meet the needs of all who care for burn injury.
  • Contribute to the development and implementation of prevention strategies for burns.
  • Continue to advocate for better care of burn patients and prevention efforts.
Quality Care
  • Provide opportunities for those who are interested in demonstrating a level of competency through certification and designations.
  • Review and update evidence-based practice guidelines in burn care.
  • Remain a consulting resource for burn disaster planning and preparedness.
  • Establish a comprehensive quality strategy and roadmap.
  • Increase the visibility of ABuRN to expand and enhance multi-center trials.
  • Support quality basic, translational, and implementation science in burns.
  • Deliver a high-quality Journal that advances burn research and captures the best science.